LG SmartTV Maintenance


Introduction: LG SmartTV Maintenance

If you have a LG SmartTV read this. If not read always, you can avoid unexpected costs.

Step 1: Problem: My TV Go on and Off Permanently

Please excuse me if I have errors in writing. (I speak spanish)
A few days ago I had problems with SmartTV LG 42 "with two years of use. He began to restart every 1 or 2 minutes. If pressed the off button, it restarted again. After this disconnect power and I went to the service, but when conte my problem, tell me that the power supply is blocked. I think US $ 40 (equivalent) for diagnosis and US $ 120 for the power supply can be a lot and started to open (I'm related to electronics)

Never before was opening an LED or LCD TV, but when I see the cards, I detected some loose screws. As? ¿LG Electronics leave or without locking screws loose?

First check the power supply (card cafe) and has 3 screws loose .... if all screws are grounded, it could be that?

Then I see other loose screws on the card signals (red, HDMI and tuner), and also connected to ground with screws ...

At this point I start to tighten the screws, being careful not to touch the capacitors to avoid risks, use latex gloves as an insulator.

I check all connectors and screws. TV plug in the mouth down on a table and watch you turn and I connect via WiFi .... it works !!!

I really thought I had saved $ 160, until the last weekend, where my nephew arrived with his TV (like mine) to accompany him for service. Check it quickly and the situation was the same (loose screws).

At the end of the week it had saved $ 320 on TV's and in gratitude my nephew invited me to dinner ...
All thanks to the defect of this TV. Poor quality control? Save US $ 0.1 in locking bolts?

I think all LG Smart TV may have this problem, and eventually those of other manufacturers, driving signal chassis with loose screws

These screws can loosen due to temperature after the TV. Improve your TV using threadlocker, the cost is US $ 3-4

If you have a Smart TV LG open the back side, and apply threadlock to avoid future problems, and unexpected costs.

Have a nice work!!



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    Well done and you can continue watching "City Tour", send greetings (Fruta) to Federico Sanchez and Marcelo comparini!!! (Chilenians are everywhere, lol)

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    Manden fruta!! Un abrazo..

    just one detail. i recommend to use loctite (Blue or green) for threadlocking them, I think those bolts get loose because they are mounted over a very thin layer of steel and its not enough for fixation and they do not resist too much movement. Anyway I love my Smart TV. (I hope they don't add here a Tsunami alert like the smartphones had, 5am its too eary for testing!!! XD)

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    Toda la razón, la lamina de metal es muy delgada y la temperatura alcanza lo suficiente para comenzar a dilatarse y termina soltando todo, de hecho los adhesivos para los cables estaban completamente desprendidos.

    hello, where did you buy the blue threadlocker in chile?

    hola, ¿Dónde compraste el threadlocker azul en chile?.


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    What model do you own?

    Thanks for your reading, our TV set are LG 42ln5700, but after this i see several LG and Samsung TV Series 4, 5 and 6, and all is the same. The only one difference is in the size of signals board or presence or abscense of Wireless module.

    Identifying power supply and signals board, you can begin this way.