Introduction: LG EnV Touch Themes

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Here are my LG Themes. Not really something that tells you HOW to do it, but whatever.

Step 1: SoUnDwAvE

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This is a theme based loosely on sound.

Step 2: Cracked LCD

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I got this idea from the Cracked LCD Screen Prank. It's fairly accurate.... I think. xD


adracamas (author)2010-06-07

One problem.. If it's for the Chocolate Touch it's not made correctly... at least on my phone.. the image is way over blown and the icons do nothing. :/

The Daft (author)adracamas2010-06-15

Yeah, the LG enV Touch and the Chocolate have different resolutions and software, making it wonderfully incompatible. You'd have to use bitpim and to extract the Flash menu and then Trillix or the like for editing it.

korgoth25 (author)2010-01-18

so howd you get them on there

The Daft (author)korgoth252010-01-20

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