Introduction: LIFE HACK: Never Tangle Your Earbuds

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You know how you put your earbuds in your bag, walk around, and pull out a hopelessly tangled mess of wire? Or you set down your phone with the earbuds and maybe move it around a bit, and before you know it the earbuds are a knot? No longer! In this Instructable I will show you how to tie your earbuds so that they will never become tangled. This simple pattern will solve your earbud problem for once and for all. It can work on any wire, so... headphones? Never going to be tangled again. Charging cord? Throw it in the bag. "Wow," you're thinking right now. "Does it really work?" I can assure you, it does!

Step 1: Hold the Earbuds in Your Hand

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Hold the earbuds in your right or left hand, with the end coming between your thumb and the rest of your hand. Then fold in all your fingers except your pointer finger and your thumb.

Step 2: Wrap the Wire

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Now wrap the earbuds around your fingers in a figure eight. Wrap them as tight as you can. Always cross over each time i.e don't loop it. Keep wrapping until the earbuds are wrapped as well.

Step 3: Wrap Them Together

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Now wrap the end over the middle of the figure eight a couple of times. You can even tuck it in the loops for added stability. Take them off your fingers. Carefully, now. Nice job! Now you can throw your earbuds into your bag without any risk of them getting tangled. Have fun!


dippie (author)2016-06-14

Many moons ago, this was the way we used to roll paper tape from the tty76's in the army. (1973 era)

sheripres (author)2016-06-07

What a great idea! I learned something new today! Thanks for sharing!

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