hai guys this is my simple light following spurt robot.The things you needed to build this robot are:

1) two BC337 NPN transistors
2) two LDR's
3)two 100 RPM DC motors
4) one 9v battery holder
5) one breadboard
6) some wires


1) wheels
2) some pins ( for connecting wires in breadboard )

so lets make this robot

connect one LDR in j rows third hole and i rows first hole. then connect the transistor in breadboard such that its collector on i row's second hole, base on i row's third hole, emitter on i row's fourth hole. connect the right motor to j row's first and second hole. now connect the next LDR to j row's third last hole and i row's last hole. then connect the next transistor such that its collector be on i row's second last hole, base on third last hole and emitter on fourth last hole. now connect the left motor to j row's last and second last hole. now connect a wire from f row's first hole to e row's second hole then connect another wire from f row's fourth hole to d row's first hole. then connect a wire from c row's first hole to c row's fourth last hole. now connect another wire from b row's second hole to b row's last hole. then connect another wire from f row's fourth last hole to e row's fourth last hole. connect another wire from f row's last hole to e row's last hole. now the power supply. connect the negative wire (black) of the 9v battery holder to a row's first hole. connect the positive wire (red) to a row's last hole.

now our simple spurt light follower is ready.i used pins to connect the wires in the breadboard, you can use hooked wires or header pins to connect wires in the breadboard. i used a 9v battery to power up this robot. it is a simple robot and easy to make it. if you have any doubts check the circuit diagram. ENJOY!!!


--VIGGY-- (author)2013-06-18

Can u make an video of it in action??

messmaker123 (author)2013-06-16

Can u make a vid of it in action?

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