This year ive decided to do a zombie red riding hood!!! My costume can be found at http://www.spirithalloween.com, you can also buy colored contacts from http://www.camoeyes.com.
These pictures are just of my face and not my whole costume, which can be seen here --->http://www.legavenue.com/index.php/product/select/111/84

This look took me about 2 hours to accomplish. Liquid latex takes a VERY long time to dry!! Also, when using liquid latex be sure not to let it come in contact with your hair, as i learned the hard way, it will not come out!

CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE LOOKS;   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Makeup-Fun-by-Vanessa/696610860356371#
The products i used include:

Liquid latex
Toilet paper
Baby powder
Eyeliner and Shadow
Halloween face paint and brushes
Fake blood gel
Stipple sponge and q-tips
Halloween contact lenses.
The peeled eye is awesome! Did you make that beforehand and apply it? I want to make a few things that I can store and reuse as I am the same thing every year (a Evil Scientist that may have done a bit too much work on himself, the draw is the animals in my Lab, but the kids in the hood know who I am without the make up - I have to shake them up a bit..) <br>
no, i just made it as i was going. and i didnt reuse it either, but it is easy to do.
This is sooo cool!! Did you take other pictures? Did you write a how to? <br>
no, i havent wrote a how to yet, im still learning, and this process took me a long time to perfect lol so once i get the hang of things in a timely manner i will post a video tutorial
Love it!
Thanks i will be posting a few more closer to halloween
omg this is creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy

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