LM317 Small Power Supply





Introduction: LM317 Small Power Supply

This is LM317 small power supply.The input voltage must be at least 1.5 volts greater than the output voltage.
The output voltage is adjustable between 1.25 and 13.5 volts if the input is 15 volts,maximum current
limit is 1.5 Amps
A heat sink will be required for most  aplications however
Here are pictures to see the power supply and schematic



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video is private, so cant play it !!!

What if I want to change the maximum output to 24V? Which component should i change?

hi can you list the parts needed?

The parts:
LM317 regulator
Heat sink for LM317
DC in power jack
Capacitor 2200mf 25v
Capacitor 4.7mf 25v
Led diode
On,off power switch
Pot 4.7K
Output conectors


i willing to pay for someone to show me how to do this

I would like to help,but I dont have time to record video how to do it,maybe you should search on youtube how to make it.

I'm a bit confused on your cap values... are they mf as in milli farad, or uf micro farad???

Cap values ere in micro farad.

okay thanks. I ended up not needing to use caps though. Im just building a simple LED driver (lamp for the license plate on my motorcycle) and only required resistors

you forgot to mention the resistor value ???
is there one?