LM386 Audio Amplifier - Step by Step Tutorial





Introduction: LM386 Audio Amplifier - Step by Step Tutorial

The LM386 is a great little amplifier chip that can take almost any audio you throw at it, and amplify it.  So we have here a step by step video on how to set it up on a breadboard and if the sound is something you're interested in, we also have a kit for it!

You can find it here: https://www.tindie.com/stores/tymkrs/

And more information here: http://www.tymkrs.com/kits/lm386kit/



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do you have a downloadable circuit digram?

Here you go!


can I amplfy microphone sound when I record using pc ?? I mean if there is a way to make a microphone input and the out put plugen in pc not speakers please ,??

If you combine a Hear me (microphone kit) and the Amplify Me kit, then plug the output of the Amplify Me into your computer, you should be able to record it!

Hear me: https://www.tindie.com/products/tymkrs/tymkrs-hear-me/
Amplify Me w/ quarter inch jack: https://www.tindie.com/products/tymkrs/tymkrs-amplify-me-lm386-amplifier-kit/

or if you want an Amplify Me with an 1/8 audio jack:

Let me know if this helps, or if you have more questions!

Is it possible to swap the speaker with a mono jack output and connect the amplifier to a mixing desk (or any other device that handles audio input for that matter)?

Hi Erik,

Whisker says it's probably not a good idea. As it's designed to drive a speaker it's designed for a low impedance load, not a high impedance input. So you probably wouldn't want it to drive a line input. Hope this helps!


Hey! Thanks! This chip is central to the Pixie 2 QRP CW transmitter that I am making and I was looking for some more info on it. Cool to see that you guys are from Minnesta too (pun intended, especially this year!) as I am originally from MN and now in WI. Also nice to see the Maker Movement happening in Rochester. I checked out the links and some of your projects. Nice designs and well-documented on Tumblr. I think there is a low-pass filter in my future...

Awesome! Yeah it's alive and doing well here in Rochester :) If you search "lm386" and "tymkrs" you'll come across more of the articles we have on the tumblr. And http://tindie.com/stores/tymkrs is where you can find the low pass filter :) Good luck and thanks for your comments!

"can i use lm386 for amplification of input from electret microphone"...then using a speech filter circuit and send the signal to arduino