This is a build I did of a LM3875.  Really easy chip to build, only thing i don't love about this chip is that it is only really stable with an 8 ohm load, anything else and it protects itself by limiting power output.

It's a really clean and crisp sounding chip amp, I'm actually pretty impressed with the sound quality.
Next I plan to  build a 4 channel amp using these chips, and build a 12V to 35V DC converter so i can use it in the car. Should be a cool project, I've just gotta wait till the funds come in.

Anyways, on the the pictures :)
does the lm3875 have to be powered by a dual rail supply?
nickmccullough (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
No, I'm powering it right now with a single rail, however when i had it on a dual rail it sounded a little crisper. Could be just my biases, but I'm pretty sure i could hear the difference.
I have yet to be able to take this amp up to full power, because i have it on a 6 ohm speaker at the moment. Waiting for speakers to come in the mail to make sure everything is functioning correctly on the single rail
nickmccullough (author) 2 years ago
uploaded the schematic:)
vricsi942 years ago
Could you include a schematic for us? :D
I like the pictures, but I'm more of a schematic person myself :D