LM3886 ChipAmp





Introduction: LM3886 ChipAmp

This is my LM3886 amp. I used the stereo kit purchased from chimpamp.com which came with the PCB's and parts for the amplifier and power supply. I added all of the parts you see mounted on the chassis and I salvaged the transformer and heatsink from a broken computer 2.1 system. The box is a wooden wine box. Wooden boxes look cool, but as many other makers have found, they are hard to work with as they have thick panels and don't ground. It was a fun build and now I know more about AC, transformers and rectifier circuits. The amp sounds good and is powering my garage speakers. 

LM3886 Stereo Amp Kit from chipamp.com
All of the chasis mounted parts from partsexpress.com

UPDATE: Second to last picture annotated with parts



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    Nice pictures but do have the step by step build? Someone might like to build one.

    Thanks. ;)

    2 replies

    Hey, thanks for the first comment. I would if I could, but I would either have to disassemble the entire thing and rebuild it, or make another one. The kit itself comes with a pretty good manual (chipamp.com). The hardest part I think would be finding a transformer and a heatsink. The rest of the parts are pretty easy to find cheap online. The other thing you need is a router if you plan on using a wooden chassis because some of the parts aren't long enough to go through the thick panels.

    Then shouldn't this be pictures rather than an instructable? :)

    Judging by size of the Transformer, it could handle up to 5 Amps clearly... could even be something around 12 or soo. idk. Just some kind of esteem.

    It came out of a broken computer subwoofer that used to power 5 amplifier chips(I am only using 2). It puts out around 24 volts AC and rectified around 32 volts DC. I have no idea how may amps it can put out buy judging by the size of it, it probably offers way more than I need. If you are looking for one you can find them in any piece of sound equipment, stereo receiver, or big computer speakers.