Step 2: Wire the LM3916 Circuit

Picture of Wire the LM3916 Circuit
You will wire up the circuit following the diagram attached. For a bigger version you can check out the page at N.S..

I skipped two things, I did not use the capacitor as it is only necessary if you have more than 6" of cable between the LEDs and the chip, and I also did not use the 7.5k resistor in the diagram going to pin 6/7. your mileage may vary.

i tried out the circuit but only one of my LED's is working. I used a 12v adapter the one led blinks with reapect to music but others do not
Mathieu55553 years ago
Since co'callaghan1 have not been answered, I still do not know what is the Vref, so I put a 10K potentiometer in place of 2 7.5K and 1.3K resistor.
Now I Can ajust the VuMeter. If the sound is not very loud I can raise the level. So its work perfect.
Pot 10K, first pin go to #7
Second to #8 on chip
and third on ground.
Sorry about those last three posts. I've only got one question. Can you please explain what Vref is and what I'm supposed to do about it? Do I connect it the way it describes or what? It's just confusing because it does not appear to be connecting them. Do I have to do that?
wootwootman4 years ago
is it possible to add a potentiometer in there somewhere to vary the sensitivity of the input?
Werewolve6 years ago
I have 12V car battery. Where can i get the 3V for the Led's? or can i use 12V with a 620Ohm Resistor? Led: 2,25V 20mA
you can use 12 volt... but use a 330ohm 1/2 watt 5% tolerance... they work great for led's
get a 3v (or so) regulator..