This is a simple audio amplifier circuit but pretty good output. it runs only with 12v power supply. it can also be used as car audio player only thing is need is vire mp3 player and for that i have included 5v power supply with LM7805 . i have designed this amplifier only for my few friends request as they need a small single speaker amplifier for their car which should be run from 12v supply and most importantly it should be cheap i mean very very cheap. This circuit is designed for only 1 speaker but with same two circuits near each other any one can built a full size car amplifier. All components are commonly available parts. The IC which i used is LA or LM 4440 its very cheap and commonly available and all Variable pots are 47k only  the Volume pot its 100k actually its better to use a 100k pot rather than 47k as volume. So built this circuit in a good quality  PCB and if you have any problem with this circuit than please communicate with me in---bishwa.baran.das@gmail.com.
Please told me bro!!! <br>What is voltage rating of all capcitor
Bro plzzzzz tell me how i connect potentiometer to the circuit board
<p>All pins are shown in the diagram/pic so plz follow it carefully</p>
<p>I am using LA4440 But it very noise how it fix</p>
<p>check the GND connection .........most of the time its the main fact.</p>
<p>LA4440 using amplifier no output how to check</p>
<p>simple rebuild the circuit </p>
<p>LA4440 using as amplifier but not output how to check</p>
<p>is it a copper side?</p>
<p>yes it is</p>
<p>this PCB pattern is bottom view or front view?</p>
<p>its all written already bro. read it. FOR VOLUME = 100K </p>
<p>want is the capacity of variable resistor to increase the volume can you plz give me value</p>
<p>Hello Mr. Victordas</p><p>1- how can I use Mic as input in this circuit ?</p><p>2- What is the specifications of Mic and speaker that I can use in this circuit.</p>
<p>will be needing little changes. specifications depends on circuit and what changes done on it. can't say it now have to change it first. </p>
<p>How much is the cost in making speaker also?</p>
<p>what are you saying bro ???? </p><p>&quot;&quot;&quot;How much is the cost in making speaker also?&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot; do u really want to make that speaker at home ??? or by all urself ????</p>
<p>How much is the cost in making LA4440 amplifier?</p>
<p>In India almost 300/- all of it </p>
<p>how to make a amplifier which is connect to mobile and electricity directly </p>
<p>The said LM4440 amplifier could be easily done this, just remove the 5v output part and use a 12v 2amp power supply </p>
<p> can i use cd4440cs ic here please reply</p>
<p>Check the data sheet see if LM/CD are same </p>
<p>increase or decrease the volume , how you</p>
<p>what !!! plz say it again </p>
<p>???? !!!!!</p>
<p>Do you have a picture of the finished product?</p>
<p>yes i have bt its fited in some body so its its difficult to show the picture </p>
<p>how to draw diagram for this image i'm going to transfer it into pcb board?? please need help here,, i really don't understand how to read schematic diagram.please. i need a drawing of schematic diagram on pcb board already.. :(</p>
<p>1 of the most easy and free soft for PCB drawing is &quot;ExpressPCB&quot; try it out. m using this frm long time and still its the best as it simple, kind a buzy these days bt will try to draw a diagram for u. mail me ur e-mail address so that i can send u the pic </p>
hey bro... what's the size of ur PCB?
<p>4x3 (in)</p>
<p>hello victordas sir, can you tell me what is max power of la4440 in bridge mode ? can i run 2x8'' speaker at same time.? thanks for reading sir.</p>
<p>In Bridge Mode it can be 19w. yes you can run 2 speaker same time but you will be needing 2 same circuits side by side </p>
thank you for answering to me.sir,....but..i want to run 2 speaker only one single chip(bridge mode) at same time.....can i run 2 speaker each 15watt rms mean 2 speaker total with 30 watt rms only with 19watt power amplifier. does it make any problem or harm to la4440 ic.?what will be the negative effect?.........thanks for reading.
<p>It will be better if u Use 2 Chips to run 2 spkrs. LM4440 is Not that hard chip. By connecting 1 spkr it gets very Hot. So it will be better if you use 2 chips. in that way you will be getting a very dependable circuit</p>
<p>ok .i got it, thanks for answering to me sir..........</p>
<p>hi!! victordas can i have a request can you give me your pcb layout of tda 7377 and tlo47 with parts i want to improve my audio amp in my house......thnk you vry much...</p>
<p>ok will try </p>
<p>Hello, Please guide me regarding connecting a volume dual gang potentiometer ..</p>
I have a bridge setup of same ic which I removed from a old dvd player.<br>I accidentally broken down the transformer's one wire from winding now I am using a 12v 1amp charger to make it work but am getting a back voltage from the aux pins which is interfering with my phone's system am getting ghost touch when connected to it and I also got a broken 35v 4700uf capacitor in the circuit, it's in the place of your 25v 2200uf capacitor please let me solve this problem of ghost touch in my phone... Earlier when it was connected to the transformer there's no such problem and the capacitor is also good
<p>1st of all as you said u r using a &quot;12v 1amp charger&quot; to run it. A battery charger is lot more different frm a amplifier power supply. small things make big difference mind that. 2ndly change the damaged &quot; 35v 4700uf capacitor&quot; if it says &quot;35v 4700uf than replace it wid same value. and mainly the ghost touch its happening for bad GND connection . Check it out carefully. hope this solves ur problem...if NOT than plz share ur problems again m here always to help 10q verymuch </p>
<p>&quot;S&quot; means Loud &quot;speaker&quot;....2 connections so 2 pins marked as &quot;S&quot; </p>
<p>mr.victordas, i have made this, but can u plz tell me what is the &quot;S&quot; in the green box?</p>
<p>hello victor bhai</p><p>can you please sent me the circuit diagram for this. I am getting hissing sound of the engine in the speakers.</p>
<p>Sorry boss i don have the Diagram anymore. Check your GND connection carefully, hope this helps you </p>
<p>any one have 2n 3055 audio circuits for car or any tda stk audio circuits for car plz plz help me </p>

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