Picture of LM4440/LA4440 20W AUDIO AMPLIFIER WITH 12V
This is a simple audio amplifier circuit but pretty good output. it runs only with 12v power supply. it can also be used as car audio player only thing is need is vire mp3 player and for that i have included 5v power supply with LM7805 . i have designed this amplifier only for my few friends request as they need a small single speaker amplifier for their car which should be run from 12v supply and most importantly it should be cheap i mean very very cheap. This circuit is designed for only 1 speaker but with same two circuits near each other any one can built a full size car amplifier. All components are commonly available parts. The IC which i used is LA or LM 4440 its very cheap and commonly available and all Variable pots are 47k only  the Volume pot its 100k actually its better to use a 100k pot rather than 47k as volume. So built this circuit in a good quality  PCB and if you have any problem with this circuit than please communicate with me
zeeshansha8 months ago

hello victor bhai

can you please sent me the circuit diagram for this. I am getting hissing sound of the engine in the speakers.

victordas (author)  zeeshansha5 months ago

Sorry boss i don have the Diagram anymore. Check your GND connection carefully, hope this helps you

victordas (author)  zeeshansha5 months ago

Sorry boss i don have the Diagram anymore. Check your GND connection carefully, hope this helps you

dilpreetkala7 months ago

any one have 2n 3055 audio circuits for car or any tda stk audio circuits for car plz plz help me

manobalan9 months ago

Can I connect two 19w 4 0hm speakers to a la4440 stereo amp.

victordas (author)  manobalan9 months ago

yes u 4 that u need 2 build 2 same circuits side-by-side.

rludovice9 months ago
goog circuit there sir victordas but can u provide me the detailed parts list of the circuit where it can be to write down on my notes.the capacitor u use are all ceramic ryt?tnx very well done im planning to build one for my motorcycle.
victordas (author)  rludovice9 months ago

LM 4440 x 1
LM7805 x 1
100uf/16v x 6
4.7uf/16v x 5
1000uf/16v x 1
2200uf /25v x 1
470uf/16v x 2
104 x 2
203 x 1
403 x 2
222 x 1
.005 x 1
470r x 1
2.2r x 2
2.2r/1w x 1
100r x 2
10k x 5
33k x 1
4.7k x 1
150k x 2
1k x 3
47k x 1
BC548 x 1
IN5402 x 1
IN4007 x 1

If you need only the amplifier circuit than please skip the following--470uf,LM7805,2.2r/1w,IN4007,470r. This circuit was originally designed to work with "vire Mp3 card" for that we need 5v power supply but if you are planing to use only the amplifier than these parts are not necessary.

victordas (author) 10 months ago

2amp minimum

ANEEK12310 months ago
what is the ampaire rating of the amplifier
kamus11021 year ago
hola a todos saludos desde colombia espero que funcione con el voltaje de mi pais 120 V
victordas (author)  kamus11021 year ago
English plz.....i can't understand ur language
hi all greetings from Colombia hope it works with my country voltage 120 V = using google translate
victordas (author)  manishrkp1 year ago
10q very much my friend but it only works with 12v......max voltage need to reduce the voltage from 120v to 12v with a transformer (safe way)
handry1 year ago
than you very much victordas???
handry1 year ago
plz victordas what is use 222,403,203 in amplifier plz tell me plz?????
victordas (author)  handry1 year ago
222,403,203 these all are ceramic capacitor for smoothing the wave.......but you can use almost any near value
vc parayil1 year ago
I made this Circuit , but the Distortion is High !!!
victordas (author)  vc parayil1 year ago
chk ur connection's.......n mainly GND connection....
aaaooo601 year ago
thanks bro
victordas (author)  aaaooo601 year ago
you are most welcome "aaaooo60"
Great work dude!!!will definitely make it...
victordas (author)  Adarsh_tronix1 year ago
10q very much "Adarsh_tronix" ............make it n enjoy ....
victordas (author) 1 year ago
yes my friend yes
aaaooo601 year ago
ha, 100r resistance mince 100 ohms
victordas (author) 1 year ago
Yes i have uploaded the new picture where all pins are marked. All the pin's are there but unfortunately i missed them. sorry friend
aaaooo601 year ago
hi, bro i have made the amplier but then came to know that you have not given the speaker out terminal to connect the speaker and audio in terminal like left ,right in and , commone one the pcb so plz specified these for me.
victordas (author) 1 year ago
sorry boss "aaaoo60" i don have the diagram any more.............
aaaooo601 year ago
hi, can you send me circuit dia... of this because i can not understand the out and input audio terminal of your amp plz help me !!!
victordas (author) 2 years ago
yes for LM4440 20w is max
My apologies I meant to ask if the 20w is rms or max.
victordas (author) 2 years ago
jvon nieda---- """LM4440/LA4440 20W AUDIO AMPLIFIER WITH 12V""""
how many watts does this put out?
madiarasias2 years ago
Thank you. I have been searching far and wide for a godd 12 V amplifier project to put in my car. Maybe this will be the one is good. You mention that this ampifier is very cheap to build. I am interested in building a high quality stereo or mono to run off 12 V. Can you recommend an ic or a design for this?
victordas (author)  madiarasias2 years ago
yes you can use this IC LA4440 its a good quality ic but if you need more quality than i suggest you TDA 7377 with TL074 this will give you a high quality amplifier. if you need more information than plz let me know i will be happy to help you .
Wondering what the 5 volt regulator is for? Can we see a schematic, Thanks!
victordas (author)  Lectric Wizard2 years ago
Vire mp3 card player needs 5v supply so i included that in amplifier circuit . But i forget abt that to mention in the post such a fool i am ...............sorry for that. If you are planing to build this circuit and also thinking abt playing with cell phone/mp3 player/cd/dvd anything than just remove the 5v circuit it will be not needed in that.