How to make a LMFAO robot head>
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Step 1: Materials and tool

Picture of Materials and tool
1 about 17 1/2 x 12 inch box
1 can of gold spray paint
1 cheap black running jacket
plastic wrap
black see through fabric
binder clips
hot glue gun
scissors or exacto knife

Step 2: Cutting the box

Picture of cutting the box
Cut the bottom of the box (laying vertical) about 3 inches off the whole bottom leaving you with the an empty bottom. Tape the box lid and the box together so they stay together.

Step 3:

Picture of
To make it so that your head doesn't move around the box i used the leftover end i had cut off and taped down to surround my head so that it fit snug. If you want you can stuff paper inside to add some cushion.

Step 4: Painting and cutting out

Picture of Painting and cutting out
photo (3).jpg
cut a circle and a cylinder and hot glue the knob on. Now you are going to spray paint your box gold(NOTE: DO NOT CUT ANYTHING OUT UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED PAINTING).To cut out the eyes i used a wide soup can about 3 1/2" in diameter. Cut mouth so that you can see through it.

Step 5: Eyes and mouth covering

Picture of Eyes and mouth covering
photo (21).jpg
Cover the eye holes with plastic wrap and tape it down then color it red where the eye holes are. I got two wristbands that had four lights in each that blink and i took them out and glue them to a piece of cardboard. Then cover the mouth hole with the black see through fabric and tape it down so that there are no folds.

Step 6: Gold Jacket

Picture of Gold Jacket
photo (8).jpg
Spray paint the running jacket gold but not a solid color, leaving some areas of random black

Step 7: FINISHED!!!!!!!!

Picture of FINISHED!!!!!!!!
wseevers3 years ago
I really thought you'd be in a speedo =(
You sound disappointed.
alowman3 years ago
how do you see
I believe you see through the mouth. :)