this is my first instructable. dont hate. you can use any ammo.

Step 1: Handle

picture 1- make these two and gather pieces
picture 2- connect all pieces

Step 2: Ram

make sure you use tape.

Step 3: Barrel

picture 1
11 yellow connectors
10 red connectors
3 long gray sticks
4 big gray spacers
3 blue spacers
2 orange connectors
1 little gray stickure
picture 2- connecting everything and this is a top view
picture 3- bottom view of barrel

Step 4: Stand

you can add this if you want you donbt have to.

Step 5: Rubber Bands

you can add as much rubber bands as you want. but not to much. have fun. i will be posting other guns later.
who cares about the block trigger it overall sucks<br />
block trigGer!
no, but a close enough message.
lol I don't have any clue
why dont you remeber your message why why hwy why why why why i forgot :|
what does that mean?
I don't remember.
long story short, this gun is not very good.
oh, I see...
oh crap I accidentally added this to a group, sorry I was trying to get to the group but put your's in unknowingly. you can remove it.
i added it to a appropriate group..................
oz kz.
and you wonder why people hate us...
Actually, I stopped wondering ages ago......
Pretty cool but most has been done before and most people get really mad when they see block triggers.
what does it matter what kind of trigger it is
Not sure I guess it just doesn't have that right "feel", I personally don't really care, the best guns I have built were block triggers.
why is this in a group for true trigger pistols?<br/><br/>it should be in <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/group/blocktriggerssuck/">this</a> group instead!<br/>
my god this is <em>&quot;worse&quot;</em> than a block trigger.<br/>it doesnt even have a ball joint socket for holding the ammo still.<br/>
nice gun
Oh my god? is this an attempt to make it look like someone likes this? You would do more damage by throwing it at them!
dont comment on your own ible!
Hmm, that <em>is</em> pretty low...<br/>
yeah really <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDAaevTq51I">low</a><br/>
ok that is just toooo low....low low low low low low
yeah, i know
grrr block trigger

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