Picture of LOG! gift box
This holiday season give your loved ones wood. Yes, LOG. Everyone needs a log. Especially in gift box form!

Here's what you'll need, folks:

- 3 Sheets 8.5x11 card stock
- a printer
- scissors
- tape or glue
- a gift!

Step 1: Come on and get your log!

Picture of Come on and get your log!
What's the matter, Susy, what's the matter, Jill? All out of gift wrap? Print and cut the attached file and your work is nearly done!

Print two sheets of page one.

Make sure you've cut the dotted line on the tabs all the way to the bark.
jatoha3 years ago
I just want to thank you for this, I used it this Christmas. My brother in law is a huge Ren and Stimpy fan. He also collects baseballs. I got him a baseball for Christmas and used this to wrap it.

I had to make the box a little bigger, but that was easy, I just printed up two of the side sections and added a couple more sections to the sides.

He absolutely loved it! Unfortunately I think he liked the box better than the gift! :) Anyway, thank you again.
scribemom73 years ago
Not sure I can handle the logistics of the high-tech construction of this gizmo but the template might make a pretty blammoriffic bikini! Thanks Koukalnator girl!
friger3 years ago
It rolls down stairs alone or in pairs, runs over your neighbors cat!
uhh... that's DOG! not cat. can't rhyme cat with log. just 'cause the neighbor's cat walks on your car, you can't go logging it. lol!
It's great for a snack, it fits on your bag. It's log, log, log!
it's looogg, it's loogg, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood. it's loogg, it's logg, it's better than bad it's good.
OMG! it's log! ren and stimpy was/is the best cartoon ever! i still have collector cards from the show. they would look good in log, i may give it a try. totally cool. i bow before your genius.
Very nice, Stimpson. You eeediot.
fjordcarver3 years ago
Mr Horse: Yes sir,...I like it.
Shoe shot3 years ago
I don't understand where this came from, but I do understand that I love it :P
It was a goof commercial (Making fun of Slinky I believe. It played on "The Ren and Stimpy Show"
That is hilarious! I gotta say, I like the Log for Girls! That bow just really bumps it up a notch!