Step 8: Uses of the NOR and NAND Gates

Because both of these gates can be used to make any other gate I decided to make another step for it. All or the pictures will be in pares of two, the first is the desired gate, the second is the equivalent in NAND or NOR gates. Although NAND and NOR gates are opposite they are both equivalent in this step so it doesn't matter which one you use.
<p>hi! i'm wondering how is this gonna differ to a three input xor using mosfet?</p>
The XNOR (and all other logic gate chips I've ever seen) has its own voltage and ground inputs that the user supplies. This voltage source is independent of the inputs for each gate on the chip. So the power is always available and the internal circuitry determines if the gate inputs will allow current to flow through to the outputs.
Thanks, I now understand a lot better. However, I don't understand one thing. Let's say we're using the XNOR gate. If A=0 and B=0 then Q=1. How? Where does Q get power from if A and B are low?
Thank you for making this<br>
Your welcome, sorry about some of the pictures.
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