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I had this idea from an old Italian fairy tale...where a frog made of her husband a king!
"One king had three sons and decided to make his successor the one of them that had a wife that was better at weaving. So one evening the three brides were invited to the royal palace to show which one made the more beautiful weaved canvas. The first son arrived with a gorgeous wife, that made a really gorgeous canvas, the second son arrived with a even more beautiful wife, that had waved a canvas of incredible finish and color. Then arrived the third son... with a frog! The frog only brought a walnut... but when the queen opened up the walnut it come out from it the finest and more precious silk canvas, weaved with the most beautiful color and virtuosity! (off course eventually the frog convert in a beautiful princess!).
When I were little and my parent narrated me this story I always wanted to have one of these walnut!


-one walnut;
-thin paper sheet;
-red nail polish;
-wood glue.
<p>Whatever you do, don't wash them! The shells absorb the water and crack and warp :c</p>
what a sweet idea, would be great for a Christmas , surprise in a stocking or a token for <br>a teacher, thanks for sharing
I may have to mail this to my long distance boyfriend.
Super cute idea. I want to make them for my kids for their birthdays.
Voted for your idea!
Thanks! You are gentle!
I really like this. It's so adorable and unique. Thanks for sharing it.
You are welcome! Thanks for the nice comment
Great and wonderfully personal!
Definitely giving this to my wife this Valentine's! Great idea.
Cool! Thanks!
This is really sweet! I'm going to try it, thanks!
You are welcome!
awww this is such a cuteeeeeeeeeeeee idea :D
Thanks! I'm happy you like it!
Damn, now I just need to find a walnut tree!
Wonderful, sweet idea! Thank you!
You are welcome!
Maybe it's better to paint the heart before gluing the shell closed, in case you mess up the paint and need a new walnut.
Not maybe, but for sure! Good tips
Ah, now that's brilliant - I've been hunting for an idea, and this is it. <br> <br> Thank you!
you are welcome, good luck!
This is so fun! I may just have to do this. But I think you're right - writing the note is the hard part!
Yes! In fact I give to my husband the one with all the hearts because I didn't like to write a love letter!

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