Picture of LOVE MOBILE (wind chime)
This instructable will show you how to create a ceramic LOVE MOBILE  (sculpture), a hanging artwork.....The 
one you love can hang it in their window or garden and think of you each time the breeze makes it chime.....
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
The supplies you will need are;
clay rolling pin
4X18 template
assorted sizes heart cookie cutters
access to a kiln

Step 2: Ribbon

Picture of ribbon
and thin ribbin to later use to assemble mobile

Step 3: Clay

Picture of clay
roll a clay slab large enough to fit 4X18 template

Step 4: Cut clay

Picture of cut clay
carefully cut the slab of clay

Step 5: Cylinder

Picture of cylinder
carefully turn the clay into a cylinder

Step 6: Design

Picture of design
draw a "blue print" of the mobile design

Step 7: Cookie cutters

Picture of cookie cutters

Step 8: Cutting hearts

Picture of cutting hearts
roll more clay and begin to cut the hearts you will need for your LOVE MOBILE. I used the letters L  O  V  E  as well, to enhance my design. I also cut several extra smaller hearts to use to decorate the cylinder shape on top. 

Step 9:

Picture of

Step 10: Holes

Picture of holes
holes need to be made in the cylinder 
two on the top to hang it. 
My design will have 8 strands hanging so I need to make 8 holes on the bottom edge of the cylinder as well.

Step 11:

Picture of

Step 12: Holes in the hearts

Picture of holes in the hearts
now make the holes in the hearts, use the guide that you drew to be reminded which hearts need 2 holes and which hearts need only one. 

Step 13:

Picture of
when everything is completely dry, bisque fire the clay pieces.

Step 14: Painting

Picture of Painting

Use underglazes to paint and decorate the mobile pieces.

Step 15: Glaze

Picture of Glaze
When the paint is dry glaze the pieces. I like this green glaze made by Duncan. It goes on green but fires clear...it is easy to see on the bisque pieces if  any areas are missed with the glaze. 

Step 16:

Picture of
after glazing be sure to check all the pieces to be sure the hanging holes are not clogged with glaze before firing.

Step 17: Organize

Picture of organize
Organize all the hearts to get ready to assemble the mobile.

Step 18: Glue

Picture of Glue
begin by gluing any pieces you have made to the cylinder shape, be careful not to cover any holes!

Step 19:

Picture of
I use tape to hold the hearts in place until the glue is dry.
esrhela2 years ago
Susan Cirigliano (author)  esrhela2 years ago
thank you!
Cute! Love the heart in the middle of the "O" :)