Picture of LOVE Pendant - from Sketchup to Jewelry
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In this article, I will show you how to create a pendant or charm from a Sketchup 3D model. The pendant can be manufactured in Sterling silver or one of several plastics.

There are thousands of such 3D models on the Google warehouse. For the purpose of this instructable, we will start from Robert Indiana's  world-famous LOVE sculpture and convert it into a unique piece of jewelry.

In the following steps, I will will show you how to use free 3D software to create a digital model of the pendant and send the file to a 3D printing service provider who will make a real Sterling silver object from it. 

As a low-cost alternative, you may also choose to have the pendant 3D-printed in one of several plastic materials. For a small contribution to my funding campain, you can also get the pendant directly from here.

See my other instructable:
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Step 1: Prerequisites

Picture of Prerequisites
If not already done, download and install
  • Google Sketchup
  • Meshlab
  • Netfabb Studio
The download locations are available from my other instructable .

As an addition to the base software, and to facilitate creation of the loop for hanging the pendant, you will also need to download and install the
  • Torus Plugin for Sketchup
as described on .

jtekLovr2 years ago
hi there! this pendant looks absolutely fabulous and the version of the statue that sits on Penn's campus has special significance for my boyfriend and i. how much did you pay for those two 3D printing services? the second link offers the option of just using a previous design and getting it printed, but the silver version costs a lot, and i can't figure out what "white strong" is...any information you have would be great!
trompevenlo (author)  jtekLovr2 years ago
There is still the discounted offer at Please hurry before it expires.

The silver version would come with an engraving on the side (ex. your initials), see the image below.

If you need more than one or anything special, please let me know and we can work out a special deal. Just drop me a private message.