Step 3: 3D Design - Create the Loop

Picture of 3D Design - Create the Loop
In this step, you will add the loop for the necklace chain. While still in Sketchup:
  1. Click the rectangle on the toolbar
  2. Move the mouse to a point roughly in the middle of the upper edge of the letter L. Click and hold the mouse and draw a n approximate square on that surface. The Dimension indicator in the lower right corner should approximately read 6", 4.8". Release the mouse.
  3. Click the Push/Pull tool on the toolbar.
  4. Click the previously created rectangle and move the mouse to extrude the rectangle into a bar which hits the letter O. Click again to lock the bar.
Now you have a bar across the model where you can connect the loop to.
  1.  Click Draw - Torus and enter the following into the dialog:
    • Inner Radius: 14.00"
    • Outer Radius: 20.00"
  2. Click OK. The newly created torus will follow the mouse movements.
  3. Move the mouse to the upper right edge of the letter E and click to lock the torus there.
This may seem an odd position for the loop, but it actually facilitates precise rotation of the object into its final orientation:
  • Click the Rotate tool on the toolbar and re-orient the object. Working with the rotate tool may need a little practice and you will need several rounds to understand how the tool works. Rotation by exactly 90 degrees is easiest when you first lock the rotate tool to one of the three perpendicular edges of the letter E. You should also pay attention to the tooltips which appear when you move the mouse.
  • When satisfied with the orientation, click the Move tool on the toolbar and move the object to the middle of the previously created bar. This again may need a little practice to understand the workings of the move tool.
Your model is now complete. Save the file. For processing at a 3D printing provider. you also need to export the model into a different format:
  • Click File - Export and save the file in the "COLLADA / .DAE" format. You may now close Sketchup.