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Spread your love with a slug! If your looking for a fun Valentine treat/ Halloween to surprise your kids with or take to a classroom party, give this one a try. These little critters are heart warmingly cute and tasty to boot! Instead of receiving a slimy, slurpy, kiss, your loved ones can get a slimy, slurpy, gift. 

NOTE: If your not big on Valentines day keep this one in mind for Halloween, because you can make them in a variety of colors.

WARNING: This recipe requires handling molten HOT candy, so it is an ADULT project. It's intended to be made FOR kids but not WITH kids, just to play it SAFE. 

Step 1: Making the slimy trails

Picture of Making the slimy trails

The clear mucus slug trails are made from an old family sucker recipe.

You will need:
1 cup sugar
1 cup light corn syrup
1/2 cup water
1 package of "Invisible" Kool-aid 
OPTIONAL: colored sprinkles (i used tiny hearts)

Before you begin to cook the candy prepare a few baking sheets for the candy by spraying them lightly with a non-stick spray.

Then In a saucepan combine sugar, syrup, and water and bring to a boil on medium heat. While stirring it frequently let it boil until it reaches hard crack stage. (300* on a candy thermometer) I don't have a candy thermometer, but I have done it enough I can usually eyeball it then start testing it. To test it fill a small cup with cold water and drizzle a spoonful of the candy into the water. Scoop it out of the water and examine it's form. It has reached hard crack stage if it makes a very brittle tangled mess of strings. When it has reached this stage pull it off of the heat and quickly stir in your kool-aid packet. 

Working quickly, (it hardens fast!) scoop a large spoonful onto the pan and drag it out about 4" this creates your slug trail make about 3 or 4 at a time then go back and add your sprinkles before they begin to cool too much. Then continue this process until you have used all your candy or filled your sheets. 

KraftyKrew12 months ago

since Halloween is coming up I was looking for Halloween recipes. I found marshmallow ghosts. but the marshmallow recipe was difficult and hard to understand. your recipe is soooo much simpler. thank you :)

Crafted2981 year ago
KraftyKrew1 year ago

if u havent already u should enter these into the valentnes contest. i think these are wonderful

mygibzone (author)  KraftyKrew1 year ago

I actually posted these back in 2012 and I entered the valentines contest then. I was selected as a winner as well! Thanks! I'm glad others enjoy my quirky creations too!

KraftyKrew1 year ago

how fast did it take for u to make them? and how many did u make with one "batch"?

mygibzone (author)  KraftyKrew1 year ago

Sorry for the delayed response. I haven't checked in for awhile. I've been busy with my kiddos. Ok so if I guesstimated time…I'd probably say it takes a couple hours into the "making" but it will also take a couple hours for them to cool off completely. I'd reserve an evening to do them, because if your rushed you will probably burn yourself :( and we don't want that. One batch will make anywhere from 15-24 depending on the size you make them. So the quantity is actually pretty flexible. When I make them I make several extra then what I need because the hard-tack slime trail may break, and I like to be selective on which ones I think are cutest. :)

KraftyKrew1 year ago

this is amazingly cute. yet a little gross. cant wait to try it.

lmnopeas1 year ago

Totally cute! I love them!

momoluv1 year ago
how many do these make? could someone respond fast???!!!
mygibzone (author)  momoluv1 year ago
So Sorry for the delayed response! Especially because you needed a quick one. I'm just getting around to check in. This recipe makes about 15 - 24, but it is all dependent on how large you want to make them really.
momoluv2 years ago
Oh. My. Gosh. These are the cutest edible things by far that I have ever seen!!! Soooo making these for next year :)
mygibzone (author)  momoluv2 years ago
And the best part is that they are simple! Have fun!
coochio2 years ago

Where do you buy invisible kool-aid?
mygibzone (author)  coochio2 years ago
I can't speak for your area specifically because I don't know where that might be...but as for me I just buy mine from Walmart or any local supermarket next to the other koolaid packets. If you have a hard time finding the clear you can also just add a few drops of a candy flavoring oil.
wold6302 years ago
These are ADORABLE! I love that they are part sucker and part marshmallow. What could be better?!
rhonashill3 years ago
Hehehe, just love this, funny, cute, and yummy! now what more do we need?
mygibzone (author)  rhonashill3 years ago
They would be great for Halloween too, if you make them green or orange!
aramanthe3 years ago
This is TOO CUTE!
VACH.3 years ago
So cute! I love it :)
mygibzone (author)  VACH.3 years ago
Heck yes they are! Who says slimy things can't be cute? ;)
macheri3 years ago
They look like the slugs from flushed away, I love it! :)
Ewwww...the slime looks so slime-istic (realistic slime) haha. With the eyes they resemble Cookie Monster. Very cool project :)
CementTruck3 years ago
I love this idea!

I'm not romantic, or sappy, and I would rather give my wife a potted plant than cut roses for V-Day (a Hallmark induced holiday), yet something about this "holiday" treat intrigues me. Perhaps it's the slime. ; D

I made meringue "ghosts" for halloween one year and used mini hershey kisses for eyes.
mygibzone (author)  CementTruck3 years ago
Thanks! I'm glad to hear that there are others like me out there :) I'm not big on V-day either. I don't like all the mushy stuff, so I wanted something a little more "low key" but still entertaining. I hope you have fun with it too.
ChrysN3 years ago
mygibzone (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Thanks! They taste yummy too!