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Introduction: LP Clock

How to make a clock quickly and easily using an LP (33.3 RMP). Buy a record a few parts and you're off.

I looked on instuctables after creating this one and found another guide here.

Step 1: What You'll Need.

All you need is clock parts (a drive with a small shaft), a record and a knife.

You can get clock parts from Michaels, craft stores, specialty stores or the internet (of course). I got mine from a store called Bedrock Supplies in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

I wanted a coloured record and found a great selection at an antique store. There are also picture records which I think would look kind of cool.

I looked on instuctables after creating this one and found another guide here.

Step 2: Enlarge the Hole

I just took a knife and spun the record. It was very easy. The hole quickly became large enough for the mechanism.

Step 3: Insert the Mechanism

put it all together. Just follow the pictures.

Step 4: Add the Numbers

I used some sticker like place holders and just went with 12 - 3 - 6 and 9. You're done!



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    sorry I didn't get back to you. clearly it's been a while since I've checked this. anyhow the clock hardware had a built in hold while a nail head goes into. I didn't use a nail; rather a 3M hook.

    I just got a truck load of old, scratched up, unplayable records from my grandma. She told me to do something "artsy" with them. I am totally doing this.

    1 reply

    excellent! don't by shy I'd like to see the results.

    im gonna go down to the opp shop and buy one record and a clock! ya just gotta love the color blue.

    wow. that's really cool. i especially like the color of the record.

    wow. thats really cool. i especially like the color of the record.

    wow.. thats some amazing close up shots. im in love with ur camera. what is it?

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    Thank you. I used a Canon Rebel XT with a 29-135mm USM IS Lens and bounced the flash off the ceiling. for more check out my flickr site.

    Lucky :P My parents have the Digital Rebel -- they are just beautiful cameras :P I wish I had $1000 to drop into a camera.... One day though... one day :)

    very nice. I would use a drill to make the hole bigger, but a knife works too. I just may have to do this, to replace my motherboard clock.

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    The hole is almost perfectly the right size to start with and the knife only shaves a little bit of the vinyl away. It still fits on my record player and plays just fine; that's how little is removed. I wouldn't use a drill as too much would be removed and if it grabs the record the wrong way (bit too dull, drill to fast, drill to slow) it could shatter the album. Have fun with it. There are some great photo albums which could create a cool pop art clock. Disney created a whack load picture albums for their animated movies (fox in the hound, cinderella...) which might be cool for a childs room.


    It looks very elegant. Good Job! Nice photo's too.

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    Thank you!