LP Coffee Table




Introduction: LP Coffee Table

I needed a narrow coffee table for that would allow the space I needed for my home office.  
This coffee table was quick and easy to make...

1)  I used 2 old metal milk crates for the stand that we were using to store old LP records.

2)  1 wall shelf that I dismantled for the top
      (I was going to use an old 80's tower speaker)

3)  And 3 floor tiles

I decided not to glue the tiles to the shelf board.  My plan is to make a coffee table with old LPs for the top and then place a pane of glass over the records to protect them.  Glass can be purchased from any glass shop and is very affordable.  My glass guy is always happy to donate scrap glass for different projects.  Will post new pics when I get Phil the glass guy to cut me some glass to size.

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