Picture of LP Record/Jellyfish Lamp
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This is a totally epic project.  We call it the "Jellyfish Lamp."  It consists of a melted record (preferably clear) and hanging lamp parts. It's very unique and everyone who sees it gasps.

Supplies you will need:
1. One Vinyl Record, preferably clear or transparent with tint. (look at garage sales, Salvation Army or used record stores)  
2. 2 or 3 bead necklaces, cut into 8 or more strands
3. Hanging lamp parts (you can either take apart an old hanging lamp or you can buy the parts cheaply at a hardware store).
4. Electrical tape
5. Gorilla Glue (or a Hot Glue Gun)
6. Possibly two wire caps / wire twists
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Step 1: Melt record

Picture of Melt record
After some trial and error we found that the record melting is fun and easy.  Choose your largest cooking pot and fill most of the way up with water.  Heat the water until it's almost boiling - record vinyl is very soft so you don't have to make it boil.  Now dip one side of the record into the water.  If you want to keep the paper label looking nice, only dip up to the edge of the label.   Within seconds the section in the water will become soft and bendable.  With your hands (it doesn't get very hot) bend that section of the record down.  Now dip the next section in the water and bend it.  It may take you a few bends to get it looking even.  You can practice on an old record (to make record bowls).  When you have a shape you like, you can run it under cold water to harden or simple set it on a glass or bowl to hold it's shape while it hardens.  
KCSCAMP2 years ago
I knew I kept all my old records for a reason....
I think they could also be heated in a microwave over a bowl also.
And if you don't like the black--you can always spray paint them any bright
and fun color you want
awesome light i think i will try this for my sisters birthday she loves anything music but if you use a black one i would probably glue tin foil on the inside as a reflector to make it brighter but great instructable thanks for the idea