Introduction: LPS Puzzle

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This is an easy and cheap puzzle to make for your Littlest Pet Shops.

Step 1: Collect Supplies:

Picture of Collect Supplies:


Thin cardboard

Magazine cutouts


Step 2: Trimming:

Picture of Trimming:

Just trim your cutout and make it how you want it.

Step 3: Making the Puzzle:

Picture of Making the Puzzle:

Place your cutout on the cardboard.

Cut cardboard to the same size as the cutout.

Put glue on one side of the cardboard.

Stick on cutout.

If cardboard sticks out and you don't want it to, just trim the sides.

Cut into sizes needed.

Step 4: You Can...

Picture of You Can...

Make this puzzle with a full size picture.

Make it in different sizes.

Please make this, and... Enjoy!!!


-moonglade (author)2016-08-28

That's really cute!!

I Love Purple (author)2016-05-31


Sorry that it took me so long to reply. Thanks!

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