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In this instructable I will be showing you how to make an LPT Box, It controls 8 individually operated led's, and is made up of things every geek should have. It uses an LPT port, so check your computer for one before trying this.

I had this idea a long time ago, but i haven't made an instructable until now.

Step 1: Things You Need

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You will need:
Hot glue gun and hot glue
Soldering iron
Solder (with flux)
Copper coil, (Several paperclips, or both)
LPT Cable or an HDD Cable
Not Shown:
Small box or enclosure (with lid, and make sure the cable fits!)

Step 2: The Body

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Take your small box and cut a slot for the cable to fit through, then seal it with hot glue.
(Sorry the images are a bit blurry)
Attach something (I used a washer) to the bottom. This will make the box stand properly.

Step 3: Cut the Pins

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Cut 17 1.5 cm strips of copper coil or paper clips. These will serve as the pins for connectin the cable to and from the LPT port. Nore of these clips are recommended for a better connection to and from the HDD cable to the LPT port.

Step 4: Insert the Led's

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Make a slot for the led's to fit in. Bend the pins outwards to make a secure connection until you glue them. Make sure that all of the pins on one side are - and the other are all +. Tape the rest of the cover up for a good finish.

Glue the led's from the other side to keep them in place.

Step 5: Solder the Ground Wires

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Solder the ground terminals to one wire like in the picture. Make sure you have soldered them together well and there hard to take apart.

Step 6: Making the "pins"

Picture of Making the "pins"

Following the instructions below, make 8 of these pins

Step 7: Test Them

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Solder the "pins" to the led +. Do this for all 8. Then connect the pins to the cable. Plug it into the computer and test them. (See step 9 for software)

Step 8: Conenct All of the Pins

Picture of Conenct All of the Pins

Connect all of the pins and close the box. Then test it (see step 9 for software)

Step 9: Software

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To use this box you will need some software. A basic one here:

Discolightz plugin for winamp:

Step 10: Trouble-shooting

If no lights light up:
1. Check the cable connection to the pc
2. Check the ground connection in the box.
3. Check for short's

If some lights light up:
1. Check the cable connection to the pc (try wiggling it)
2. Check the led's connection to the cable
3. Check for shorts
4. Replace led
5.Replace pin


DIY-Guy (author)2010-12-15

Looks nice, what's the schematic for this please?

comsa42 (author)DIY-Guy2010-12-15

I didn't to a schematic, however threes a "draft" on step 5

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