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Introduction: L'Robotorium Shop


As a US Navy veteran born Dec. 8, 1950, I want to share what I know and help move technology faster ... I want to rent some space, bring in my 3D 2-head CNC Rapid Prototype machine, get a 3-Axis CNC Milling machine and a few small 3D Plastic printers and a half-dozen PCs w/student software to get started.  

There are several empty shop spaces I could choose from in San Pedro ... several in Long Beach too and all I need is some starting capital and I will be able to start serving the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts badge classes besides the rest of the community with SolidWorks, how to design for 3D plastic printing and how to manufacture your own ideas.  I will teach basic robotics too and hold simple fun robot competitions at the shop ... probably once a month.  Learning basic robotics, 3D CAD Modeling and how to use the desktop CNC machines arms anybody with what they need to create and innovate and maybe come up with the next big geeky tech toy business.  

Here's what I need and what I will do with it;

The shop;

An article about my 1-week class for the Boy Scouts in Long Beach;

Photo's from last years basic robotics class at the Boys & Girls Club;

Now it's time to open a proper shop and continue the education for everybody not just the children!



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