Introduction: L'Robotorium Shop

I want to open the L'Robotorium Shop and teach SolidWorks 3D CAD Modeling, CNC manufacturing and basic robotics to all that venture in.  My successes have been with the Boys & Girls Club and most recently the Boy Scouts;

See all about the shop here;

Born back in 1950 I never took to business, just neat business ideas but now have taken a bunch of SBDC workshops to get a little up to speed.  I just need some start-up capital to rent an empty store front, setup my 3D Rapid Prototyping machine, buy a couple of 3D Plastic printers, a desktop 3-axis CNC milling machine, a half-dozen PCs with software and I'm in business and if it works as well as I suspect I'll expand from there.

After teaching the basics I hope people will want to build some of my kits too;


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