Step 2: Harvesting

Labrador Tea can be found in the Forest,depending on you're region.The Labrador Plant pictured below should be harvested with care,the leaves do grow back on the plant,but at a very slow rate so it is advisable to only pick a few from any given plant then move on to the next and do the same until you have a fair amount.
In the second picture the leaves have been placed in a plastic bread bag for safe keeping.

On to the next step.
I couldn't find any clinical studies proving its benefits. Could you link some?
In all honesty if the medical benefits were verified it's highly doubtful they would be that easy to find.You would have better luck looking on a homeopathy website.The studies of most medicine are funded by the pharmaceutical companies.If it's found to grow in the wild and in abundance they wouldn't make any money by selling it when people can get it for free.
The argument that &quot;Big Pharma&quot; doesn't do any studies on &quot;alternative medicine&quot; because they can't make money off of it has never made a lick of sense.<br>They make plenty of money off of aspirin. Lots of medicine is made from natural sources and they can still make money off of it. They actually get pretty excited when they find something that works and has a cheap/free source, because it means they can refine the free source and mark it up for a profit.<br><br>Something else found in nature that companies make a fortune off of: bottled water.
<p>Yes and no. Aspirin is a commodity and the most money is probably made from special formulations like &quot;daily use heart health&quot; type and baby-aspirin. <br><br>In general though aspirin never required safety studies because it was in use for years before those requirements existed. <br><br>So while you're right they'll certainly make use of an existing medicine and make money off of it even if it's a commodity, it's unclear that they would spend billions to get it FDA approved if it wasn't already.</p>
I just boil it till it is dark gold with a red tinge. I use lots of leaves. Maybe 6 tablespoons of leaves to 3 cups of water. Drink up! Enjoy! I'm on my 3rd cup! Don't bother boiling it them dumping it out just to boil it again.. Waste of delicious tea!!
The one I'm drinking is Rhododendron groenlandicum
I grew up in the middle of Labrador, and you couldn't walk 2 feet into the woods without being surrounded by them, but never once did I think to try it for tea. What is the taste like?
first thought... don't you just boil a retriever? :P
haha good one. Actually it was named &quot;Labrador&quot; after the region in Canada it was first discovered by early European settlers. The region Labrador Newfoundland is also the place the dog breed got it's name from, mainly since they were bred there.<br>Droppin' some knowledge yo! :P
i's from nova scotia...
I remember seeing someone was selling Labrador tea leaves a farmers market a while back, but it was rather pricey. I was wondering, how does it taste?

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