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Labyrinth is indeed a famous game and now it appears in many different shapes, sizes and consoles. Here's one you can try at home for the ultimate fun-filled experience of a Labyrinth game.

Step 1: What You Need:

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1. Cardboard

2. Scissors

3. Tape

4. Double sided Tape

5. Ice Cream Sticks

6. One BB gun Bullet

7. Marker pen & other accessories

Step 2: Give It the Shape.

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Throughout this Instruct-able, whenever we use ice cream sticks, it has to come in three (one set) . So now make 8 sets of ice cream sticks and use four of them form a square shape. Make sure one of the set is shortened a bit for the hole. Then stick the other 4 sets on top of the previous four.

Step 3: Cover It Up.

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Stick another piece of cardboard on top of the sticks.

Step 4: Add in Everything Else.

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Poke the holes, put down the points and place the obstacles. I am using a BB gun bullet to play the game. Also add another four sets of ticks on the piece of cardboard to avoid the BB gun bullet from falling. Remember initially we made one set of shortened sticks. That is where the BB gun bullet will come out from after it falls into any hole.


Fun! And I like that it's made out of easy to find stuff.

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