Step 8: Under African Sunrise

The sunrise the morning after packing. As the sun came up so the hues on the white stones changed. It was quite amazing.

This photo ended up surprising me by being used as a screen saver quite a lot.
oh wow wish i could do this
Terrific 'ible! I once went camping in Louisiana, and discovered by accident a campground which had a meditation labyrinth attached to the campground. It was wonderfully soothing, and totally unexpected. We left that campground a whole lot later than we originally intended - and didn't mind it a bit! Wonderful job on your instructible!
oooooh i walked one of these in Delaware and we wanted to make one, but it never got done...or started for that case
Wow! Such a cool use of space! Thank you for the inspiration. Don't give up on the garden idea- there are salt tolerant plants. You may have to have them shipped. Just get one plant at a time, and tell it that if it thrives, you'll get it some friends! Your labyrinth shows tat you clearly have a lovely design sense. Thanks again!
Nice idea. The labyrinth is symbolic of man's journey to spiritual completion. It is interesting to note that when you are almost at the centre you pass close to the commencement. This is to indicate that even when you despair of ever reaching your goal you are often much closer to it than you think. I have walked the labyrinth in Chartres cathedral. And all those who talk of walking in a meditative state are spot on.
I would love to see what it looks like a few years after it was built... Hopefully nature is kind to it.
Well, about a year has gone by since it was completed. A Geologist who made a turn there, told me the calcium stones will bleach whiter in the sun.
Has there been any growth inside the labyrinth? Or any kridders move in?
Cool project. I'm assuming you're planning on building the stone walls up to where you can't see over them. As it stands in the photos it wouldn't be much of a challenge to find your way out.
A labyrinth is not meant to confuse. There's only one way in and only one way out. You just keep walking. It's really very peaceful.
I must be missing the point somehow. I thought it was supposed to be challenging. Not sure how just walking around a path is peaceful, but to each his own I suppose.
A labyrinth is meditative rather than challenging - some of the more elaborate ones in Christian Europe were used as substitutes for pilgrimage when travel was dangerous. I enjoyed reading this ible! :-)
Thanks! I looked "labyrinth" up on Wikipedia and you guys are right. I always thought it was just a fancy synonym for "maze". I'm definitely gonna give this a try over the weekend. I'll let you know how it goes...
Thank you, as you can see by the length it took quite some writing too!
AMAZING! Congratulations on the result. I came across this site, www.labyrinthos.net, when researching this subject. Very wholesome.
Technically that is not a labyrinth. A labyrinths has choices designd to make it difficult to find you way. That is a path in a cool pattern. Nice path. :)
Not exactly. Ancient designs only have one way in/out. Many labyrinths are intended to meditate: to walk in circles and make those turns to the middle makes you think about your inner self. Or so they say.
"In colloquial English labyrinth is generally synonymous with maze, but many contemporary scholars observe a distinction between the two: maze refers to a complex branching (multicursal) puzzle with choices of path and direction; while a single-path (unicursal) labyrinth has only a single, non-branching path, which leads to the center. A labyrinth in this sense has an unambiguous route to the center and back and is not designed to be difficult to navigate."
I looked at Google Maps Satellite, but couldn't find/see your labyrinth. Am I missing it or has Google not updated their images since you made this?
No actually I finished it quite a long time ago, but what with life and the fact that for some weird reason the 'telling of the story' just grew and grew. I think that on google they give greater detail to areas where there are more people. In that the nearest town can be viewed at a much better resolution than the 30km down the drag where I am.
he published this 5 dags ago, and I think he made it recently... So probably it's not indexed yet because Google refreshes the sattelite photos only once every few<em> years</em>. and when a photo is made first they need to edit it (make some parts clearer, etc, and combine photos with eachother) but I'm not sure how long that takes.<br>
I was only hoping. It would be great if we could see this from a satellite. Looking forward to it.
I'd rather go for The Pattern instead of a labyrinth.
ooooh my aching back ! This has got to be the wordiest ible Ive actually read most of but the finished product is off the wall cool
Yes, I'm not quite sure as to how it got so wordy, just sort of grew I guess. But please do tell me if it was worth reading. For future reference for me kind of thing.
a question first, you use packing in place of laying out or building, is that a localism to your area of the world ? As for the wordyness, Im pretty good at speed reading which basically means skipping over parts not really germaine to the subject, in this case a lot of the history and how to draw parts. Someone else may find it all very interesting. Personally I think if you broke up your lists into smaller segments and the same with the pics ie: instead of a list of 20 followed by 14pics, make 4 sets of 5 and 3-4 pics, it breaks it up more and keeps the interest rolling, again thats just my perception. A lot of the time I spend in instructables Im looking to be entertained by seeing what others are doing, with no intention of ever doing it myself but then it sparks the imagination for something similar. I dont have the room for a labyrinth like yours but that doesnt mean I couldnt create a walkway in the front yard that curves back on itself a couple times (see imagination sparked) I applaud your efforts and the enthusiasm all the extra history etc shows. I can only wish that I was able to explore the vistas while enjoying your creation
I'm completely obsessed with labyrinths. I doodle 2-level Cretans all the time, and I keep hoping to find a place to build one for real. Thank you for making such a wonderful Instructable!
That is a lot of rocks! Nice i'ble, very descriptive.
I looked at those pics, and I thought &quot;No, that ain't Australia, those trees, those rocks...this is veld&quot;. And sure enough, you live outside Beaufort West. Really good instructable.
Thanks China
Awesome! Well done!

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