Introduction: Lace Denim Wallet

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I made this for a friend of mine, and suggest you make the wallet a little bigger, for it was a bit right fitting. You don't have to use denim and lace, use whichever fabric you wish.

Step 1: You Will Need

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Denim Thread Lace trim Scissors A ruler And a marking tool A seeing needle or machine Optional: embroidery floss

Step 2: The Prep

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Measure and cut the following: (2) 7.5in x 3in (4) 3 3/4in x 1.5in (1) 3in x 3.5in Mark the middle of one of the main pieces.

Step 3: The Sewing

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Sew the pockets onto the fabric with the middles marked.

Step 4: The Lace

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Cut as many pieces you need. And sew onto outside piece

Step 5: The Sewing

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With right sides together, sew around the edge, making sure not to catch the lace (keep it tucked in). Turn right side out and sharpen the corners.

Step 6: The End.

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You're done! Pack your wallet with money and such and enjoy!


zuluisabela (author)2013-06-12

I should really try that. It looks cool.

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