Lace can transform your standard shorts into something stunning & adorable! This is a very simple sewing project, which requires only a few items and a little time!

  • Sewing machine, recommended (although you could definitely sew this on by hand)
  • Thread
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter
  • Measuring Tape
  • Shorts (or jeans which you cut into shorts)
  • Lace for the trim

Step 1: Cut the Shorts & Hem *optional

If you haven't done so already, cut your shorts to the desired length. If you plan to hem your shorts, leave enough fabric to do so. I decided to hem my shorts, as I thought they looked nicer that way. I cut mine from a long pair of jeans. In the first photo, I just have the fabric folded underneath as I was trying to plan out my desired length. I then trimmed the excess fabric.

If you decide to hem the jean shorts, rather than leaving them frayed, then you'll first need to put the shorts inside out. Then, fold them under about 3/4 of an inch on the bottom, iron & repeat that once more (so it is folded in twice). Then pin the hem into place and sew, removing pins as you go along.
It really looks great Holly! <br>Is funny how lace can make clothing look kinda sexy don't you think?.. Is that true or is it just me? Nvm it's probly just me! hehe x-) You have my vote! Hope you win this contest, you make some cool projects here! =)
Yeah it's true :) lace makes things way more feminine! And thanks for your comment!
That's a great idea - they really do look awesome with just a little lace added on! :)
Thanks Jessy!! :)

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