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Introduction: Lace and Chain Necklace

Lace can be one of those trends that are tricky to wear, but this little necklace is a simple and elegant way to incorporate it into your look. A little snipping and a handful of hardware is all it takes to make this lovely piece!

What you will need:
* ½ yard of lace of your choice
* 20” of chain or a basic chain necklace
* Lobster clasps
* At least 8 jump rings
* Clear nail polish or Mod Podge

Step 1: Creating the Chain Necklace

If you are using jewelry chain and lobster clasps, begin by constructing your necklace by attaching the clasps using jump rings to the chain’s end links.

Step 2: Cutting Out Your Lace

Next, cut out your lace according to the design you like. I followed the pattern on the lace trim that I bought to make it slimmer and more graphic. Remember that the lace will have to bend, so keep that in mind when cutting out your design.

Apply clear nail polish or Mod Podge to the edges of your lace to keep it from fraying and to stiffen them a bit.

Step 3: Creating the Design and Attaching It to Your Chain

For my necklace, I used three strips of lace, attaching each piece to the other with a jump ring. This created more of a bib shape. My final strip was slightly off-centered to make it more a-line. The design is totally up to you, get creative and do what pleases you most!

To attach your lace to the chain, take your jump ring and work it through a section of the edge of your lace, and then through a corresponding chain link. You want to use several to keep your lace secure – in my case I used one at every point of my lace.

Once fully secure, you've now created a beautiful lace statement necklace, enjoy!

You can get more ideas at my blog: Craft Medley .



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Fray Check and white glue also work to keep edges from unraveling. Beautiful work!

Oh yes! I do love me some Fray Check :D Thanks for the sweet comment <3