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Hello!  This Instructable will teach you how to make you how to make your own Lace and Satin Vest!
For this project you will need:
• 1 yard Satin
• 1 yard Lace
• Thread to match your chosen colors
• Sewing Machine
• Pins
• Scissors
• Old T-Shirt
• Iron
• Dress Form (optional)
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Step 1:

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I began this project with an old t-shirt I cut in half.  I wanted a rough estimate of my size, and this is a shirt I knew fit me.

Step 2:

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I then ironed my fabrics to make sure the wrinkles would not affect any of the measurements.

Step 3:

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I used the old t-shirt as a template to cut both the lace and satin fabrics.  I then pinned the lace and satin together.  Next, I sewed a seam around the entire perimeter.  If you want your vest to have sleeves you can keep them there.  I did want sleeves on mine, so instead I folded them inward and will cut the excess off later.  When sewing the seam, I left an opening the length of the sleeve, so I would have room for my arms to go through.

Step 4:

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I then took both the lace and satin fabrics and cut them the length and width of the dimensions from the t-shirt.  This will be used as the front of the vest.  I then cut the fabric into two triangles.  I attached the cut lace to the cut satin with pins.  Satin is a very slippery fabric so it is important to not skip this!

I then laid out the front pieces of the vest to the back piece of the vest.  As you can see there is an excess of fabric at the top.  I pinned this fabric to the inside of vest, where I will create a seam and then cut the excess.

Step 5:

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I then sewed the seams on the vest as well as the seam on the shoulders where the excess fabric will be.  After this, I sewed the sides together.