Step 4: Succulents

I wanted to plant some succulents in my LACK since they are  hardy and seem quite capable of growing anywhere, plus they look really nice too.
  • Succulents
  • Plastic container
  • Potting soil
Place potting soil into the container.  Arrange the succulents in the container, give them enough room to spread.  Make sure the table is placed in a spot with enough light.
<p>What gorgeous ideas! I only wish my tiny apartment had room for a whole bunch of these little tables. If I tried, I supposed I could make the inserts removeable, so I could swap them out at will, or when the plants died, whichever came first. Thanks agin for some terrific ideas.</p>
<p>This is brilliant! I don't have an IKEA around, but could easily do this with just about any end table. Especially love the fountain and simply the rocks with the candle. </p>
I like all of these! I think I shall use your wonderful ideas to add to my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Ikea-Hack-Rolling-Storage-Lack-CoffeeSide-Table/" rel="nofollow">Rolling Storage Lack</a> :)
These are all excellent! Very creative... I may try a few of these! <br> <br>....and that is a BEAUTIFUL cat, too!! <br>
Beautiful! Mirko would probably love cat nip! I voted! Thanks for sharing.<br>Sunshiine
Thank you! Yes, Mirko would love that, though I would never get him off of the table.
thats a pretty cool idea. so simple and versitle, nice.
Outstanding!! I like all the configurations you showed. You get my vote.
I like it!! Growing Catnip would be so much fun!<br><br>*Might I suggest a clear silicone or hot glue to seal the edges of the plastic container to the table top. Those Lack tables do not like to get wet under the veneer. <br>Other wise awesome!
Cool, thanks for the tip!
So many possibilities! I'm bringing a saw with me to IKEA right now!
Oh dear, that might scare some people.
I love the simplicity and versatility. <br><br>Beautiful work ChrysN!
That is a fine bunch of ideas :)<br><br>I like the grassy version best.
All awesome ideas! I especially like the succulents, though I know my cats would destroy them. I'd have to go with sweet grass for them if I did a plant. :P
Most impressive uses of a depressed cavity that i have ever seen.<br> <br> I have heard about Ikea before as an Avantgarde store but never heard&nbsp;<br> of a Lack Side table, what is a Lack ?<br> <br> Did you know it was cardboard before you started this great project ?<br> <br> Inset things are my&nbsp; &quot;cat's meow&quot;..&nbsp; Very good Ible ! ! ! ..
The side table is in the Lack series of matching tables and shelves. Actually now that mention it, it should be LACK not Lack. I saw another instructable where they took off the top particleboard and had a picture of the cardboard inside so I knew that I would be able to create cavity without too much trouble.
I like each one of the many possibilities!

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