Step 9: Lights

Add a string of Christmas lights to brighten up your table.  Place the lights in the table and run the plug through the hole at the bottom.  Add the cardboard supports and place a piece of frosted glass over top or you can use the white paper and clear glass from step 8.
<p>What gorgeous ideas! I only wish my tiny apartment had room for a whole bunch of these little tables. If I tried, I supposed I could make the inserts removeable, so I could swap them out at will, or when the plants died, whichever came first. Thanks agin for some terrific ideas.</p>
<p>This is brilliant! I don't have an IKEA around, but could easily do this with just about any end table. Especially love the fountain and simply the rocks with the candle. </p>
I like all of these! I think I shall use your wonderful ideas to add to my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Ikea-Hack-Rolling-Storage-Lack-CoffeeSide-Table/" rel="nofollow">Rolling Storage Lack</a> :)
These are all excellent! Very creative... I may try a few of these! <br> <br>....and that is a BEAUTIFUL cat, too!! <br>
Beautiful! Mirko would probably love cat nip! I voted! Thanks for sharing.<br>Sunshiine
Thank you! Yes, Mirko would love that, though I would never get him off of the table.
thats a pretty cool idea. so simple and versitle, nice.
Outstanding!! I like all the configurations you showed. You get my vote.
I like it!! Growing Catnip would be so much fun!<br><br>*Might I suggest a clear silicone or hot glue to seal the edges of the plastic container to the table top. Those Lack tables do not like to get wet under the veneer. <br>Other wise awesome!
Cool, thanks for the tip!
So many possibilities! I'm bringing a saw with me to IKEA right now!
Oh dear, that might scare some people.
I love the simplicity and versatility. <br><br>Beautiful work ChrysN!
That is a fine bunch of ideas :)<br><br>I like the grassy version best.
All awesome ideas! I especially like the succulents, though I know my cats would destroy them. I'd have to go with sweet grass for them if I did a plant. :P
Most impressive uses of a depressed cavity that i have ever seen.<br> <br> I have heard about Ikea before as an Avantgarde store but never heard&nbsp;<br> of a Lack Side table, what is a Lack ?<br> <br> Did you know it was cardboard before you started this great project ?<br> <br> Inset things are my&nbsp; &quot;cat's meow&quot;..&nbsp; Very good Ible ! ! ! ..
The side table is in the Lack series of matching tables and shelves. Actually now that mention it, it should be LACK not Lack. I saw another instructable where they took off the top particleboard and had a picture of the cardboard inside so I knew that I would be able to create cavity without too much trouble.
I like each one of the many possibilities!

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