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For anyone who has someone who plays lacrosse or who plays lacrosse and is looking for a good gift idea for them, this is the one. A laser printed lacrosse stick phone stand an idea i got from aescobar's key chain phone stand. This inscrutable will show you how to assemble it step by step with pictures along the way to guide you.

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The first step is to get all your materials together, this includes your hinges, phone stand arms, and doul rod to connect it all together.

Step 2:

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Next you use wood glue to glue the hinges into the arms of the phone stand and wipe away the extra glue and wait til it dries.

Step 3:

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Do it the same thing to the other arm but this time you only use the one hinge.

Step 4:

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Then, you take the dowel rod and insert it into the holes of the hinges to connect them. This will make the phone arms be able to move back and forth to the position that fits your phone the best.

Step 5:

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This is what your final project should look like when you are done...enjoy!!


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-11-11

Cute and useful design, I can definitely see the lacrosse in there!

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