Make your own sexy lingerie at home!

Skills Learned:
Pattern making from preexisting garments
Sewing Lace
Zig-Zag stitch

I am trying to teach myself how to sew.  I have found online tutorials and books to help me but none of them teach me what I want to learn, how I want to learn it.  I want to learn how to make clothes - more importantly I want to make clothes that I'll actually wear.  So I will be starting a series of sewing instructables called Learning How to Sew Carleyy's Way, it will start as individual instructables and eventually be compiled into a guide.  Think of each of these instructables as individual lessons.  Each 'lesson' will have a list of skills learned from completing that instructable.  There are no rules as to what order I do these instructables, just what I want to learn for myself.  So if you're following along to teach yourself to sew, work on the instructables that interest you.  So keep checking into see what I am working on.

Step 1: Materials

1. Thick stretchy lace trim - the thickness depends on how short you want your underwear to be, to figure out length take your measurements (around your waist) and add about 15 inches, once you make your pattern you will know how long the lace needs to be. I'm a size 26 and my length was about 40 inches.

2. Sewing Machine - if you have access to a serger that would be helpful but not necessary, I used a sewing machine and serger for this project but I will tell you how you can use a sewing machine to do the sergers job

3. Clear Elastic - you will get the length from your pattern, but it shouldn't be any longer than then your waist size

4. Cotton/Jersey Fabric - this is for the crotch, you only need a few inches of this, just make sure you chose a fabric that will be comfortable down there.

5. Pattern Paper - this doesn't necessary have to be the kind sold at fabric stores, any paper will work.

6. Other Sewing Essentials - scissors, thread, seam ripper, pencil

<p> I really like this one. Will def have to try it. Thanks</p>
So cute! Looks like Victoria Secret. Will have to try!
I love this instructable Im going to try it out!
Nice instructable, that last word is VOILA,
I originally misread it as VULVA
So did I !!!
Me too... comes from reading the word &quot;crotch&quot; many more times in quick succession than I normally would :$
Congratulations on wanting to learn to sew your own clothing. My wife began sewing on an old treadle machine when she was quite young. She is largely self-taught and won a machine at her home state's state fair. During our 41 years of marriage she has made many of my clothes as well as those for our children. Naturally she makes most of her own clothing. She has also done a lot of sewing for other people. I have a practical question. Lacey materials would seem to me to be rougher against the skin than more common materials. I would think they are a little uncomfortable. Or, is it simply &quot;worth it&quot; to wear something that makes you feel prettier and more feminine?
There are many styles of lacy fabrics that are not at all rough, and are, in fact, quite soft and smooth to the touch, so whether or not it is &quot;worth it&quot; would be irrelevant, in many cases. If the person chooses a rougher fabric though, then it becomes a choice to be a little uncomfortable in order to &quot;look more feminine&quot;, as with many high heeled shoes! Not to mention, most of the discomfort would occur only had she left out the crotch liner! With the right fabric, these would be soft, comfortable, and breathable. HTH!
I think people wear it when they want to. The simple act of making it for herself kind of shows that it's her choice.
Everyone can learn. I don't remember when I started but I do remember my first project completed entirely by myself. I was 6-years old and I made a baby dress for my newborn cousin. She still has the dress. That was 52-years ago, and yes it was on a treadle sewing machine. Later when I was in the navy I was on a destroyer and there were no facilities to sew on stripes, etc. I bought a slant-needle Singer sewing machine (which I still have), had it shipped to me on the ship, and earned enough to pay for it in less than a year. The Navy had a habit of giving rank and other awards at sea and you could not go ashore until you sewed on the new ones. I also tailored clothes and on a few occasions made clothes for the guy's wives, including maternity dresses. My actual job was an electrician.
Nice job, not sure I'd make them myself but at least you're teachng yourself how to sew, what <em>you </em>want to sew.
Great, now I'm picturing a camel with these on...
man, talk about &quot;camel toe&quot;!!!
...Raining lacy unmentionables?
My turn: EUGH.
wow, very nice! Not to sound weird, but i'd like to see a picture of it on a body to see how it fits. It looks like it goes high on the hips but shows off the navel. (:
one question here what kind of thread did you use? I know that they usually use a nylon type thread did you use cotton or?? And I should say cool instructable beats the heck out of paying for Victorias very expensive secrets :) Thanks
Excellent instructable! One correction. Step 8. VUALA=VOILA... ;-)
Fantastic, more please.
I would have preferred pictures with models ... ;-)

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