I really like the look of crochet lace, and I'm also fond of the malleable yet durable nature of wire; thus, I decided to combine these elements in a simple bracelet.

Step 1: Materials

  • thin gauge wire (Anything from 24-30 should be fine; too thin and your wire will snap very easily, too thick and crocheting will be very hard. I used 28 gauge silver-coated copper wire.)
  • crochet hook (Any size will work, but the bigger the size, the bigger your crochet stitches. I used size I/9 -- 5.5mm.)
  • pliers for cutting wire (scissors will also work because it's a thin gauge wire)
  • OPTIONAL: beads
  • NO PREVIOUS CROCHETING SKILL NECESSARY. The stitch I used is just a simple chain stitch, and it's not hard to learn.
I voted for this because it is a very well done intro project to woven wire jewelry. It takes a technique from a "soft" craft/art (crochet) and uses it to manipulate a traditionally "hard" craft/art material, wire. I think you did good with this one
<p>Thank you so much for your comment; it means a lot to me that you noticed those little nuances of my project, so again, thanks! </p>

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