Ladder in a Bottle Trick





Introduction: Ladder in a Bottle Trick

In my country, if you're invited to take a liqueur it is quite usual that you would bring in a bottle like this. When I first saw was about 12 years old, and did not hesitate a second to figure out the trick to do it myself. In this case I used a bottle of Jack Daniels, has dimensions and perfect shapes for this. Check out the Youtube video.

What You'll Need:

• Woodworking tools
• Jack Daniels bottle
• 2x stringers 140x8x4mm
• 5x steps 50mm long (4mm diameter)

Step 1: Construction

First I clean the bottle, for this I leave in hot water about two hours, then cut all the wood pieces. The wood should be odorless and tasteless, not flavor the liquor or whatever you enter in the bottle. Better to use a ligth wood, such as spruce or pine, not use glue, to avoid contamination.

Sanded all the pieces and assemble the ladder, introduce it in boiling water ten minutes and then bend the wood to put in the bottle. Once inside, I used a stick or screwdriver to give back to form.

Step 2: Video Construction

In this video you'll see all the steps, be careful with liquor!

Youtube video

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Does is matter if wood is kiln dried?

Not yet. First attempt broke when folding. Read online that kiln dried was not good for bending. I'll try again.

Hey. That's pretty sweet!

No problem.I will use Oak again for the legs (need that for flavoring the whiskey)then use pine for the cross pieces.
Thanks for the Idea.I'll get it right eventually :)

I used oak from a wine barrel but the cross pieces all broke when I bent it after boiling for about twenty minutes.

Sorry to hear that. You should use light wood as I said in the tutorial.