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    Wow, I'm impressed. I've been wanting some tailored clothes and you have taught me how to get them :)

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    Thanks! I'm so glad my instructable will help you out:)

    Nicely done! We have new shirts coming soon, as well as women styles that will fit way better!

    How did you take the shirt off without poking yourself?? Great Instructable BTW! Its hard to find good re-sizing tuts these days.Thanks :)

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    Thank you! I really appreciate it:) I had to take the shirt off very carefully...;) No, I actually had to take out some of the pins lol:)

    Cute instructable! Definitely useful for any shirt! Congrats on the contest too - I won on that one also! I love their robot shirts. When I fill out the info if I've won it, I specify women's size S or Medium, etc. Or I have also specified kids size Med. They did send out the specific ones to me....And I did order a women's Xl just to have a comfy one and it had a nice fit and wasn't even that big. So it does seem you got a man's shirt! Great job at fixing it up all cute!!! :)

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    Thanks and congrats on your win in the contest too! If I remember right, the form for receiving the prize just said to specify small, medium, or large. If I win a t-shirt again I will be sure to specify women's:)

    Yes you're right! :) It didn't say to specify! :) Either way, I love what you did with this! It is really cute fitted. I like it longer - the way you had it before hemming it. Looks great on you!

    We definitely have women's sizes of the robot shirts. If you win another contest, be sure to specify women's :D

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    You do?!?!?! sweet! Thanks for letting me know and thanks for reading:)

    I just noticed these comments now! :)

    kinda smart fit shirt , good job .

    This is really cool, but your photos are kinda dark. Try a quick auto levels adjustment.

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    Ya I already adjusted them before posting. When my camera takes a picture, the lighting looks ok on the camera screen, but then when I get the picture on my computer it is to dark:/ Plus its a new camera, so I'm still sort of getting used to it, but hopefully I will get some better pictures, at least of the final outcome, this weekend. Thanks for reading!

    Or, you could use photoshop and adjust the lightness levels...

    a perfect fit on a fit young lady!

    Awesome job! It is so cool that you made your prize into another Instructable :)

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    It looks awesome! I need to do this with some of mine. :D