Step 4: Sewing Bubbles

Now it's time to secure everything in place.

I sewed through the ornaments where they had been pinned to the suit.  

Next, I hot glued the ornaments around the seal to fix them shut.  I also glued some of the ornaments on top of others for more depth.

This is genius! I wish I had found this before Halloween!
I will be dressed up as a pin. I hope we run into each other!
You sure have a lot of &quot;Balls&quot; to be wearing that!<br><br>get it?<br><br>I spent many hours pundering what to say.
i think you mean pondering..
He means pundering, because he came up with a pun....&quot;pun&quot;dering. heh
ohh right, haha smart :)
That is so punny!
I punder how long that took.
i'm looking forward to halloween this year...
One question. Can you easily dance in this without having to worry about the bubbles falling off ?
Definitely. They're very secure!
Scoochmaroo do you know carleyy?<br>
Oh, you so need to come to the Family Nudist Resort in PA, but you need to lose the body suit, ole natural only. Does hot glue stick to skin? just joking.
i love it!!!
Would this look pretty on my cat?
OMG this is one of my favorite outfits she has worn!! You did such a good job!<br> <br> I was thinking about doing this for Halloween this year and I tried your idea and searched on Amazon, but I ended up finding a bubble kit by searching &quot; Lady Gaga Bubble Dress&quot; and they have this kit that comes with all the ornaments you need to make it. I thought this was a good way to go and shipping for me wasnt too bad considering how many balls its comes with.
Completely brilliant
very nice... <br> <br>great job...
Well done! It's nice to see when lots of work culminates to a real tangible project!
ohhh lala, that was a fun photo shoot. I would like to point out that i climbed up the side of a building wearing that!!<br /><br />I can't want for the instructable on the dress you're wearing!
This is absolutely gorgeous!<br><br>Great job! :D
awesome. awesome. awesome
glamous ;P

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