Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Lady GaGa rocks some fierce costumes.  Check out this collection of DIY Lady GaGa costumes to make your own this Halloween.  Bring out your inner Diva this year and strut your stuff with one of these awesome GaGa costumes.
Lady Gaga Caution Tape Costume style
"Hello, hello, baby, you called? I can't hear a thing..." We're GAGA for Lady Gaga at Instructables.  This caution tape costume is for the brave and daring souls....just like Gaga!   Special thanks ...
Lady GaGa 'Video' Glasses style
I made these quick and easy glasses for my Lady GaGa Halloween costume. They use 2 digital picture frame keychains on a slideshow setting to replicate the effect seen in her performances (here is a vi...
Lady Gaga Soda Can Rollers (Telephone Video) style
Gaga Sings: Hello? hello? baby you called? I can't hear a thang..... You probably couldn't hear anything because that outfit is so loud.  But you gotta give props where props is due, and therefore I'...
Lady Gaga Cowl Hood style
Pair this simple cowl neck hood with a body suit and you have achieved a classic Lady Gaga look.   It is so easy to make and will only like you 5 minutes. Use light weight fabric so it folds correctl...
Lady GaGa Red Lace Costume style
Lady Gaga rocked an awesome red lace dress at the VMAs.  Whether you loved it or were completely baffled by it, it was definitely an awe-inspiring outfit.  I knew when we decided to make our own Lady ...
Lady GaGa Bubbles style
I love the Lady GaGa bubbles costume that she wore in San Diego at The House of Blues, and knew I had to make one just like it!  This bubble costume looks like it would be revealing, but the bodysuit...
Lady Gaga Cigarette Glasses style
Want to be lady gaga this Halloween? One of the most interesting costume props in the lady gaga universe is the cigarette glasses featured in her "Telephone" video. The glasses she used are actually o...
Lady Gaga Shoulder Sculpture Costume style
Get the classic Lady Gaga look with this easy to make sculpture.  Wear one on your shoulder or across your body.  It is quick and easy costume to make and everyone will think you spent hours on it! C...
Recycled Lady Gaga Halloween Outfit with Larissa Riquelme style
This Halloween you can't miss dressing like the diva everyone is talking about! Crazy outfit and hairdo like Lady Gaga! Thanks to @Lari_Riquelme for modeling!
Lady Gaga Body Suits style
Lady Gaga's outfits are as talked about as her music.  The body suit is the basic element to many of her costumes.  The best part is it's super easy to make your own body suit! This Halloween, instea...
Lady Gaga American Flag Costume style
I LOVE all the costumes in Lady Gaga's Telephone music video!  The American flag outfit at the end, however is my favorite!   I have seen a lot of knock-off costumes for sale online but none of them ...