Picture of Lady GaGa 'Video' Glasses
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I made these quick and easy glasses for my Lady GaGa Halloween costume. They use 2 digital picture frame keychains on a slideshow setting to replicate the effect seen in her performances (here is a video of her glasses).

* You cannot see through the glasses, so I don't recommend walking around with them on.
* The individual keychains are not synced. I just practiced pressing the 'ON' buttons simultaneously.

DIY Lady GaGa Video Glasses from Angela M. Sheehan on Vimeo.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

* Sunglasses (that you don't mind destroying)

* 2 digital picture frame keychains -
They retail for around $20 but I found some on ebay for around $6 each. I used a 1.5" screen because it was a good size to attach to my glasses.
* Hot glue gun & glue

* Pliers (to remove the keychain from the picture frames)

* Paint (to cover the glue and blend the picture frames in with the glasses better)

* A computer (to download the images to the picture frames)
mylestybri3 years ago

sonicbro14 years ago
i just have 1 question. how do u charge the frames?
the_gella (author)  sonicbro14 years ago
You can use the usb cord to plug them in and charge them.
aleek14 years ago
Wouldn't be so cool if it could play music too like just as the slide show was playing lady gaga song played too or any song
i found some on ebay for 3.47 each
ninjaaa4 years ago
rgardin4 years ago
what font??
mrgryphon4 years ago
Amazing 'Ible!

One of my friends is planning a party with the theme "More GaGa than GaGa" - He dressed up in caution tape with a gal who made a fake meat dress and they went to the bars as "The Lord and Lady GaGa" last halloween. I guess that it was so much fun he wants to do it again and waiting for halloween be damned!

These glasses are defenitely making the list for my "Lord GaGa" costume!
Mumu5454 years ago
Can you change the images that display on the screens or not?
the_gella (author)  Mumu5454 years ago
yes, they come with a software that you load your own images into. then you can play a slideshow of them.
Awesome! I might just have to try this.
depotdevoid4 years ago
Thanks for the 'ible, I built a pair for my daughter's Gaga themed birthday party!

mrawsome4 years ago
pretty cool i made them my self i put mirrors at a 90 degree angle 1 one the side of the glasses and the others on my ears so i could see
courtdub4 years ago
The only thing is. You can't see anything. I guess that's still cool.
purgedsoul4 years ago
This is cool! My idea was to glue or attached two ipod nano 6th gen to a motorcycle visor. But thought that's a bit expensive.
AWESOME!!! Too bad you wont be able to see where you're going with them.. might as well make them goggles :]
-chase-4 years ago
Congrates on being listed in the "Best instructables of 2010" Instructables news letter!

(btw your first link to the video of her glasses is down)

Again congrates and Happy New Year!

I enjoyed your instructable - great costume!
Just need a seeing eye dog and you wouldn't have to take the glasses off - Come to think of it it would look kinda cool with a german shepard as your side kick to the costume... you wouldn't have to tell them if was a seeing eye dog! ;0)
the_gella (author)  -chase-4 years ago
Thanks for letting me know about the link - I just updated the link to a working video : )
FYI lady gagas name should be changed to GENTLEMAN gaga
i think sir gaga sounds better.
Lord Gaga :) i know it's months later, but i just had to say it...
icaro_25_sp4 years ago
you can see?
techsean4 years ago
madara0094 years ago
so uh, how are you supposed to see? lol
good job on the ible by the way
If you covered up the controls some how (maybe made them extra stylish wide?!) then you could use these: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.32666 and actually have video!
CapraRoyale5 years ago
Great idea!
If you wanted, you could take the case off both of them and wire one button up to the power button on both so that one press would simultaneously turn them on.
Or, even better, rewire one of the screens onto the other, basically double the screen output, and just make the pictures brighter to make up for the lack of light due to both screens drawing power.
have you made any these doing your method?
HybridStorm5 years ago
I love love love dealextreme.
jackie924 years ago
is there any spefic type of picture frames i need to buy ???????
the_gella (author)  jackie924 years ago
Nope, just a digital picture frame that fits on the glasses you chose and has a slideshow setting.
techsean4 years ago
I love that design. Great work.
Screamo4 years ago
Good idea, but what does the WILL WILL thing mean?
the_gella (author)  Screamo4 years ago
The text is from a performance in which she had 'pop culture will never be low brow' scroll across the glasses.
resaxox4 years ago
Oh my god no way!
SO brilliant! :)
lapitta1125 years ago
the only problem im having is with the glasses
Reminds me of one of the Daft Punk guys. The one that isn't Guy Homem-Christano.
skitzx245 years ago
Hey were did you get the jacket that your wearing in your costume picture?
the_gella (author)  skitzx245 years ago
I made it my cutting up and reengineering a thrift store blazer and some cardboard to keep the shoulder pads sturdy.
xefix5 years ago
ilham4565 years ago
where do you buy digtal frame keychain? link please
ginja_ninja5 years ago
nice! this e an awesome idea to give to my cyber goth mate for his birthday just need 2 of them and goggles of some sort
J-Five5 years ago
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was her name at birth.
akosin5 years ago
Cool idea! I have a suggestion. What if you took the displays out of the cases, mounted them on the glasses nd project leds from behind so you can still see out of them!
Did you try it?
CrazySheep5 years ago
:0 Dude!!! This is amazing! I will be making some of these for my GaGa-obsessed friends :3 ^^
badboys23235 years ago
where do u find the words/pictures from ??
superjail35 years ago
got same glue gun omg!
 no need to have enough space at the bridge to insert USB cable.  just glue the screens turned 'round the other way so the USB connection faces outward.
downgrade5 years ago
 Maybe splice the on buttons together so you click one button and they both start at the same time?
israel20105 years ago
i just made like 5 pairs, with different color glasses and people are buy them off me for like 35 bucks a pop. thanks for the great EYE dea. :) 
Stoopie5 years ago
Just bought two digital picture frame keychains off ebay for $10 yesterday. Can't wait to make these!
daytimedave5 years ago
i have a friend with one eye and eyepatch (im sure he wants to be a pirate) gonna make him a pair with one screen..
be lookin cool on the beach he beee, ooaaarrrgh! 
ansil5 years ago
nicely done and something a little more out of the ordinary. too many times you see stuff that everyone and their brother is hacking to death. this at least for me is not something i have seen
Stoopie5 years ago
OMG! This is way awesome! good job!
n0ukf5 years ago
but who is Lady GaGa?
uais n0ukf5 years ago
You can get know her here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Gaga
something worse then all the other pop stars, this ones in a 24 7 halloween costume
she alrady has had over 100 different costumes believe it or not
cook$5 years ago
My girlfriend was planning on dressing up as Lady Gaga for Halloween.

But she didn't have the balls.
zack247 cook$5 years ago
Lol, I just got it...
oddmojo cook$5 years ago
jmn19935 years ago
niceee prity clever to.. good work!
the_gella (author) 5 years ago
For those of you with Macs - I did just find a brand at Target called Digital Decor which is compatible with OSX. They retail for $14.99 but I'm sure they are out there somewhere for less. The screens are 1.8".
krzyrokker5 years ago
 Thanks so much for this!  I did this myself and it worked well! Im using them for a gaga skit in my school lip sync
Great job, I might have to make a pair just for the hell of it!
wirecutter5 years ago
A cool instructable indeed,  but Beware the if you strip down to the crystal, the stuff inside is not "user friendly" for your eye's or you.
Even the Chinese workers are going on strike over it !.
How ever it is possible to drive two LCD from one driver chip but it's B---- difficult to get the contacts to marry, ( Instructable in prep for head-up stereo head set)  then you can feed it from a camera or just have the two images in sync facing in or out from your own eyes

bmorris1105 years ago
very very cool.
i'm gonna make these for my girlfriend.

do you know the seller on ebay?
maybe they have more?
the_gella (author)  bmorris1105 years ago
I got them from TCTJSales, though it doesn't look like they have any right now. I would just do a search on ebay or google shopping for the best deal.
Just searched eBay ans saw some from $2 to $6.95

Not sure if this applies to everyone but Black's cameras here in Canada usually has a clearance display or bin and I usually see the mini photo frames on sale for $4.99. Just think about it 20 years ago these were science fiction now they're Dollar Store throwaways......I love technology :P

Kryptonite5 years ago
Ooh very nice! I always thought it could be done by using the screen things from  he back of digital cameras, but this is a much better idea!

Does any one even know how you make see through movie glasses?
 you could put images of eyes on the LCD... :)
It's been done, to good results as well. I found a pair of sun glasses (some where) that had images of eyes on it that would move each way depending on what angle you were looking at them from the front, and you could also see through them from the back. It's quite disconcerting at times when the person who's wearing them is looking at you, but the images of eyes are off over your shoulder...
chlsands5 years ago
Well done. These telly shades are pure class
dariokastro5 years ago
Una pregunta ....  ¿ y como va a ver la pobre muchacha ?
No creo que usted es
tundrawolf5 years ago
You know that those LCD screens are actually clear, when you remove enough paneling. I wonder if it would be possible to make "limited vision" glasses that you could actually see through. If you wired the power buttons together, you could achieve universal synchronization.
It would make them larger but if you used a reflective lens for the glasses you could mount the LCD screen almost perpindicular (so it the screen reflects onto the lens) you could still see through the glasses, however the images will be backwards so you"ll have to use images as if you were going to look at them in the mirror which is very easily done in photoshop or any media editing software. Same process as making iron on T-shirt transfers.
one stupid question: how do u still see?! (cuz, they're glasses, right?)
Genius! I've been attempting to make 'lcd displays' using leds behind plastic panels but this is a great idea!! ..and "programmable". Lots of potential to use this idea in all sorts of things
Nabil5 years ago
 Great  idea! and great costume!, I bet Lady Gaga spent a lot of money to get those heavy looking wired glasses when u got better looking ones wireless :D Congrats
Killin Idea5 years ago
 beautiful! absolutely amazing Idea!
oculus18575 years ago
Love it!
COOL! thanks for the heads up on keychain LCDs! i saw this on the home page and had to check it out. with a bit of research, i found there are many screen under $10.

i'm sure i can find SOME use for a few of these on my street party bike. at only twice the price of a color morphing LED globe, these are much cooler.

snotty5 years ago
 Mmm yes! I love it. Your glasses and my Space Viking helmet would be good friends. 

Thank you for this clever design and thank you for being you.
frollard5 years ago
With a little fandangling I bet the power switches could be soldered together so they both turn on at exactly the same time every time :D

5* From me, fantastic ible!
the_gella (author)  frollard5 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion! I was considering that but at the time I didn't want to pull apart the casings and potentially break the digital picture frames before the party I was attending :). I'd love to see the results if anyone ends up trying to connect them together.
It should be easy to do this if the case was opened and just soldered to wires to each side of the switch on both keychains, then wire them to a single switch.  I would imagine that taking the back of the case off would also thin it a little bit. 

While I am not a big Ga Ga fan, this would look sharp to have the words scroll across the two lenses. 

This is a really cool idea.  Props.
el greeno5 years ago
I don't know how it would be done, or even if it would be possible, but it would be cool to attach these, or something similar, to a miniature camera and project what you are looking at so people can use you as a mirror.


Great job by the way.
How do make them change images at the same time though? Eh?
the_gella (author)  Yerboogieman5 years ago
At this point, it's all practicing pushing the on buttons simultaneously. But there have been some great suggestions to connect the power buttons together so you only have to press one switch.
this is a great idea, definitely going to use these little photo frames for something.
epompeii5 years ago
 awesome costume love it
This is... well.. AWESOME!!! Im a huge Gaga fan and im gonna make these and make a bad romance music vid!!! when im done i'll post up the link if u'd like.  Also, at amazon.com, I found Product Image
iCoto 1.5" DPF-K15A Digital Photo Keychain Blue by iCoto
the_gella (author)  HannahLegutki5 years ago
Great find on the keychains - that's a good price. I'd love to see these in action if anyone else decides to make them and improve on the design.
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Wesley6665 years ago
If you take all the casing off and attach the circuit inside to the arms of the glasses you could see with them on.  You can see through LCD screens but all the casing as to be removed.  Very cool though.
paganwonder5 years ago
Very clever re-configure!  Thanks for a great 'ible that even a klutz like me can knock off!
kupia5 years ago
this is the scariest halloween costume EVER!!!!!!
elliot8995 years ago

otoupalik5 years ago
 That is so awesome! Great job!!!
lemonie5 years ago
Yea, top. Plenty of uses for these.

even though i hate gaga, i think i figured a great way to add something to my haunted house costume
laxap5 years ago
OMG, looks awesome!
Very Nicely DOne! Great attention to detail that was amazing. Kee up the good work.
Jayefuu5 years ago
Great first ible :D
crapflinger5 years ago
shouldn't be TOO hard to mod the keychains to be able to at least partially see through them as well. since the LCD is clear (ish) and has a backlighty...you could probably cut a window in the back of the casing and shielding to allow you to see through a small portion of the center of the LCD
Nice, easy and perfectly like shown in the clip.

Truly a genious instructable!

5 stars!
Joe Martin5 years ago
These will be made, I've wanted a pair of these for ages!

Ward_Nox5 years ago
i acctually think i get how "hers" work but yours are a coolalternative

Doctor What5 years ago
 Great glasses!