Step 5: Sewing the Body Suit

Cutting Pattern Pieces - You will have two pieces for this garment, they will both be cut outs of the pattern you made in the first step.

1.  Pin the pattern to the fabric.  Make sure the fabric is stretching horizontally along the pattern (across your body)
2. Cut out the pattern leaving 1cm border for seams

1. Pin the two cutouts together.  My fabric was the same on both sides so it didn't matter how I pinned them.  But if you use a fabric that has a top side and underside, the underside should be facing out.
2. Using a zig-zag stitch sew the edges of the garment together.  Make sure not to sew the arm holes, leg, holes, and neck.
3. Turn inside out and try it on!
Great job!!

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