Lady Gaga Bubble Dress


Introduction: Lady Gaga Bubble Dress

Step 1:

Find a Nude Leotard that fits you.  I found mine on  See link below.  The tank-top style is great so you have room to sew your bubbles on the shoulders.

Step 2:

Buy Clear Plastic Fillable Ornaments -
They are all over on  I went with the package deal on  See link below.

Step 3:

Glue the ornament halves together.  If they have the loop hook on both halves I found it best with the bigger ornaments to not line them up.   The big bubbles hung better & in place when they were fastened to the leotard from two different spots.  Make sure you use glue that is works on plastic & dries clear.

Step 4:

Get out your Needle & Nude Thread & start sewing your bubbles to your leotard.  This takes lots of time & patience!  I put a pillow in the leotard to help.  I often had to put it on to help me decide where I wanted to put the bubbles.  Using the smaller bubbles under the bigger ones help to keep them from hanging down.

Step 5:

Time to accessorize!  Blonde bob, fishnet tights, microphone, bubbles, big eyelashes, black eye shadow, nude lips & black or purple nail polish.



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    We loved it but we did it without the nude leotard. Thanks so much

    2 replies

    O_o I hope they were wearing SOMETHING at least