"Hello, hello, baby, you called? I can't hear a thing..."

We're GAGA for Lady Gaga at Instructables.  This caution tape costume is for the brave and daring souls....just like Gaga!  

Special thanks to Scoochmaroo for photography and costume assistance!

Step 1: Gaining Inspiration

This costume was inspired by one of Lady Gaga's costumes in her Telephone music video.  
This is fabulous!! and for those of you too shy, too modest to go au naturel, wear a flesh-tone unitard underneath. It's not obscene........it's edgy! : ) and funny even : )
<p>Too bad this costume won't work very well in Canada. I am guessing it won't look quite as good wrapping the police tape over a snowsuit lol.</p>
<p>that must kill!</p>
I'm sorry, but I live in the South and there ain't too many people skinny enough to wear something like this.
Gaga would never take photos with dirty feet. Good job anyway.
Zombified would be cooler... only thing better than a gaga costume is walking dead gaga!
You modelled most of the costumes outside, your neighbours must have had a lot of fun. I can only imagine all the guy standing at the windows. Good work on all the costumes!
Most of the modeling time was spent on the roofs of various buildings. I did walk down the street in the red hood costume and people yelled "Lady Gaga" out the window<br />
GREAT SHOT!!! Love how you are &quot;suspended in air&quot;, perfect toe-point/Barbie-toe and parallel arms. Ye did good! Keep it up!
you look great and the sever paint (he's so awesome) behind you was a great choice. what city is that in?
lol, you should have filmed that. Must have taken you hours to clean your feet ;-). Really good work, you really look like her.
Toupee tape will hold the caution tape to your body. Whoever suggested Gorilla tape has forgotten that people are mammals and are covered with hair. Yowza!<br><br>Someone needs a meal...
Talk about the ultimate DIY Brazilian! O-O-O-U-U-CH!!!
if u could post a video of the process it'd be cool :-P <br> <br> <br>nice job! :-D
This must be very painful when it's time to take off the costume.
the caution &quot;tape&quot; has no adhesive on it
ya cud u show it from the back? I just cant seem to get and I it'd be helpful to others as well
Cheap ,simple and easy to make . <br>I like it .<br>Good job.<br>Would it work better to use a skin tone body suit and just stick the &quot;Caution Tape&quot; costume to that ?<br>It would then stay in place where you put it and it needs to be and easy to get back off.<br>If done right , the body suit would be invisible as not many would be looking that close to find the seams of the suit ,right ??<br>
Nicely done!<br><br>Clearly you do not live in Canada as we are looking for ways to winterize our costumes..<br><br>Enjoy<br>
Hey, my fiancee&acute; lived in this building! Photo from the same view... just no caution tape!
Would like to know what crime was committed at this scene.
Well there is always the postage stamp costume!
..or the dental floss costume!
Think of the cost!
Yes please!
I gotta hand it to you, that costume takes a lot of courage to wear. Great job!
Thank you rick6213 <br> and to you spartan094...mah bad they are lemons. I didnt notice that. nice catch
Um, so you're like, nude under that? What does the backside look like, because I may not be so daring to try it if I knew what the 360 look was... Show us?
Most people are nude under what they're wearing.
ooooh that's exciting :)
let's hope that it's warm that day...
I would entertain an instructable that shows a step-by-step of the wrapping procedure.
any idea what the back side looks like? It doesn't look like there's a lot of coverage in the photos,... and the one no one wants to ask... how do you pee in that?
as odd as it seems my daughter assures me more than one person appeared at the vancouver show in this costume. I think a body stocking would by appropriate for public use of this outfit. <br> <br>but on a lighter note there is nothing funnier than wrapping a buddies front entrance with police tape when he is going through a bad spell like a divorce or such.
Who in their right mind would actually go trick or treating in that costume? :D
i don't know but she could knock on my door. lol
parties dude.... halloween parties....<br>people with enough confidence
my thoughts exactly!
You must be crazy if you want to walk around like that..
OH MY! Let me think---------Yes, yes, -------I believe it's love!!! I'm on Google earth right now looking for that skyline. <br>Great idea for intimate treating and tricking.
awesome job! looks just like the real thing
Let's be careful out there (Hill Street Blues quote). We've only got electrical tape and I'd only need a little square but that's a neat costume. :)
Hmmmm...<br><br>Is nudity a common thing in the instructables office? ;)
Nudity ? Where ?!
Presuming there's not a lot of underwear being hidden there (probably must be some) -- it'd be rather uncomfortable to have just plastic!
I agree, it'd be uncomfortable. But it's not nudity. Stop prudishness !
the nudity portion would involve having a friend help put the costume on, presuming there's no underwear :)
That's what I was referring to :) and there's nothing wrong with nudity
what if someone accidently snags it or rips it off?
I haven't worn the tape so I'm not certain, but I'd imagine it's relatively resilient and difficult to tear. A person would have to be pretty deliberate to &quot;accidentally&quot; snag and rip the tape off her.<br><br>Maybe the slight risk of ending up nude at the party is one reason the costume is so thrilling and requires courage. If it did happen, maybe she could change her costume to &quot;nude statue&quot; instead. She's certainly beautiful enough.

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