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Introduction: Lady Gaga Caution Tape Costume

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"Hello, hello, baby, you called? I can't hear a thing..."

We're GAGA for Lady Gaga at Instructables.  This caution tape costume is for the brave and daring souls....just like Gaga!  

Special thanks to Scoochmaroo for photography and costume assistance!

Step 1: Gaining Inspiration

This costume was inspired by one of Lady Gaga's costumes in her Telephone music video.  

Step 2: Materials

Roll of Caution Tape
Double Sided Tape
Blonde Wig
Maroon Lipstick
Black Eyeliner and Eyeshadow
A Friend! - Wrapping the caution tape around yourself isn't so easy. I couldn't have made this costume fit and look so awesome with out the help of scoochmaroo!

Step 3: Hair and Makeup

Since I don't have blonde hair I used a long blonde wig that has bangs.

Take all the hair and put it in a simple low bun.  Use a few curlers to curl the bangs.  The bangs will curl and peak out of the caution tape 

Lips: Use dark maroon lipstick.  I have thin lips so I had to draw outside the lines a bit.

Eyes: To achieve those dark Gaga eyes, apply eyeliner along your eyelashes on the top and bottom.  Then apply black eyeshadow to your eye lid.  The eyeshadow should go between your eyelid crease and eyebrow.

Step 4: Wrapping the Tape

Here are some instructions on how I wrapped the tape.  You don't have to stick to this precisely, use it has a guide.

Note: As you wrap the caution tape use double sided tape to stick it to your body.

Start at your ankle.  Wrap the tape once around your ankle.  Wrap the tape up your leg 3 times - on the third wrap it should be going around your hip (first hip).

Bring the tape around back and then between your legs.  The tape should be in the front of your body again.  Wrap the tape around your other hip (second hip).  Cross the tape along your back.  This leads into wrapping the breasts.

Wrap Breasts:  Wrap the tape around your breasts 2 or 3 times (depending on size).

Next, wrap the piece crossing from under the armpit cross the body and over the other shoulder.  Bring the tape down your back and pass the tape in-between your legs.

Vertical Line in Center of Body: The tape is now in front of you.  Bring the tape up to cover your crotch and up the center of your body.  

Now wrap the tape around your neck a few times.  Bring it under your jaw and over the top of your head once and once around your forehead then under your hair bun.

Step 5: Be Fabulous!



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    This is fabulous!! and for those of you too shy, too modest to go au naturel, wear a flesh-tone unitard underneath. It's not's edgy! : ) and funny even : )

    ya cud u show it from the back? I just cant seem to get and I it'd be helpful to others as well

    1 reply

    Nice try.

    Too bad this costume won't work very well in Canada. I am guessing it won't look quite as good wrapping the police tape over a snowsuit lol.

    I'm sorry, but I live in the South and there ain't too many people skinny enough to wear something like this.

    Gaga would never take photos with dirty feet. Good job anyway.

    Zombified would be cooler... only thing better than a gaga costume is walking dead gaga!

    You modelled most of the costumes outside, your neighbours must have had a lot of fun. I can only imagine all the guy standing at the windows. Good work on all the costumes!

    4 replies

    Most of the modeling time was spent on the roofs of various buildings. I did walk down the street in the red hood costume and people yelled "Lady Gaga" out the window


    GREAT SHOT!!! Love how you are "suspended in air", perfect toe-point/Barbie-toe and parallel arms. Ye did good! Keep it up!

    you look great and the sever paint (he's so awesome) behind you was a great choice. what city is that in?

    lol, you should have filmed that. Must have taken you hours to clean your feet ;-). Really good work, you really look like her.

    Toupee tape will hold the caution tape to your body. Whoever suggested Gorilla tape has forgotten that people are mammals and are covered with hair. Yowza!

    Someone needs a meal...

    1 reply

    Talk about the ultimate DIY Brazilian! O-O-O-U-U-CH!!!

    if u could post a video of the process it'd be cool :-P

    nice job! :-D

    This must be very painful when it's time to take off the costume.

    2 replies

    the caution "tape" has no adhesive on it

    Yes, it's a great view, even without tape girl.