"Hello, hello, baby, you called? I can't hear a thing..."

We're GAGA for Lady Gaga at Instructables.  This caution tape costume is for the brave and daring souls....just like Gaga!  

Special thanks to Scoochmaroo for photography and costume assistance!

Step 1: Gaining Inspiration

This costume was inspired by one of Lady Gaga's costumes in her Telephone music video.  
This is fabulous!! and for those of you too shy, too modest to go au naturel, wear a flesh-tone unitard underneath. It's not obscene........it's edgy! : ) and funny even : )
<p>anyone know the girls email on here ??? shes finnneee wanna ask her out hehe</p>
Instructables was supposed to be about users submitting their original ideas, but now we keep getting staff looking for projects to post just to create content, and in this case just a copy of something already done that needs no writeup as anyone can drape tape all over themselves. It really is not hard to do this if you have some clear tape to hold it all together. <br> <br>Also, I advise using something other than tape that reads Police on it as there are bound to be legal violations that come with use of such tape regardless of how harmless it might seem to be in any particular use. Lady G4g4 must have had someone *misappropriate* it from a police quarantined area, though you might find some in the trash but it's still not acceptable to (re)use it. Get regular yellow and black lettered &quot;Caution&quot; tape instead.
<p>4 years and i see this.. means that this was up 4 years ago yet i just got this in a email 10=12=2016.. meaning this site is pawning this off as brand new... not cool site.. and i have to agree with you.. filler posts.. plents of people post original ideas on this site why is this up its just tape i mean come on... </p>
actually I have rolls of: <br>caution<br>hard hat area<br>static free Zone<br>crime scene<br>RF radiation zone<br>police (FBI, homeland security, atf, swat* as well for all below)<br>police do not cross <br>police crime scene <br>police traffic control<br>media only (only in FBI and HS)<br><br>only the media and swat rolls were not purchased at Home Depot or ace hardware
Here in Illinois it is legal to use &quot;police tape&quot; in any manner so long as you're not &quot;impersonating&quot; a crime scene or a police officer. You should be able to use it anywhere, If asked to remove it you won't do any harm. Just throw it away like asked.
&quot;anyone can drape tape all over themselves. It really is not hard to do this if you have some clear tape to hold it all together. &quot; <br> <br>You've had experience doing this then? How did you find was the best way to wind it? <br> <br>Also, the word &quot;police&quot; on the tape isn't a problem. It's not tape specific to or branded to any actual jurisdiction. (Google &quot;police line tape&quot;, looks like there's a good deal on Amazon at the moment). <br> <br>(Same reason costumes have big shiny generic badges on them that just say &quot;Police&quot; on them, not &quot;L.A.P.D.&quot; or some such. Unless you're actively trying to impersonate a real peace officer, it's not a problem.)
Wow! How about you lighten up a little bit? This is not the end of society (or even creative society) as we know it, and I suspect that it took more creativity than you're giving credit for.
They can do whatever they want and this also opens up others to new ideas. And you can buy the tape at any costume or party store.
Lighten up! It's a cool costume! Good instructable. Thanks. I won't be doing it myself--man--but cool that somebody has the balls--woman--to wear it out! ;-)
R u a lady gaga fan?
I was just skimming through and had no plans to comment until I saw what others had said. It's disgusting when people make moral judgments based on how someone dresses, especially on Halloween! Also, I've noticed how rare it is that someone comments just to say how unlikely they are to do the 'able, unless it's a woman showing more than a few inches of skin, then everybody climbs on a moral high-horse or slithers into the gutter. The hell. Oh yeah, cool costume, too! <br>
<p>&gt;&quot;It's disgusting when people make moral judgments based on how someone dresses.&quot;</p><p>Dr. Matt Taylor approves of this message.</p>
<p>Too bad this costume won't work very well in Canada. I am guessing it won't look quite as good wrapping the police tape over a snowsuit lol.</p>
<p>that must kill!</p>
You bunch of pervs hahahaha <br> <br>Love the costume, sure to grab some looks at a party. nice and accurate <br> <br> <br> <br>(&quot;We have a &quot;be nice&quot; comment policy., hahahaha = im just kidding dont take offence)
<p>when i saw the picture i thought the pervert thing too.</p>
Just make sure you cover your wedding tackle well.
I'm sorry, but I live in the South and there ain't too many people skinny enough to wear something like this.
What do you do when you have to pee?
Not interesting
How about less tape?
Theres a local woman here would love that costume, trouble is she'd need the &quot;CAUTION. BIO-HAZZARD&quot; tape.
Gaga would never take photos with dirty feet. Good job anyway.
Zombified would be cooler... only thing better than a gaga costume is walking dead gaga!
You modelled most of the costumes outside, your neighbours must have had a lot of fun. I can only imagine all the guy standing at the windows. Good work on all the costumes!
Most of the modeling time was spent on the roofs of various buildings. I did walk down the street in the red hood costume and people yelled "Lady Gaga" out the window<br />
GREAT SHOT!!! Love how you are &quot;suspended in air&quot;, perfect toe-point/Barbie-toe and parallel arms. Ye did good! Keep it up!
you look great and the sever paint (he's so awesome) behind you was a great choice. what city is that in?
lol, you should have filmed that. Must have taken you hours to clean your feet ;-). Really good work, you really look like her.
Toupee tape will hold the caution tape to your body. Whoever suggested Gorilla tape has forgotten that people are mammals and are covered with hair. Yowza!<br><br>Someone needs a meal...
Talk about the ultimate DIY Brazilian! O-O-O-U-U-CH!!!
realisticly anybody that would wear this custome pbbly has groomed away hair from there.
if u could post a video of the process it'd be cool :-P <br> <br> <br>nice job! :-D
This must be very painful when it's time to take off the costume.
the caution &quot;tape&quot; has no adhesive on it
ya cud u show it from the back? I just cant seem to get and I it'd be helpful to others as well
Hey, my fiancee&acute; lived in this building! Photo from the same view... just no caution tape!
It's only logical that you should post the photo for comparison then ;)
Yes, it's a great view, even without tape girl.
Whitest woman I've ever seen
Cheap ,simple and easy to make . <br>I like it .<br>Good job.<br>Would it work better to use a skin tone body suit and just stick the &quot;Caution Tape&quot; costume to that ?<br>It would then stay in place where you put it and it needs to be and easy to get back off.<br>If done right , the body suit would be invisible as not many would be looking that close to find the seams of the suit ,right ??<br>
She was born this way.
Pictures of the step by step wrapping would be helpful
&quot;Nothing to see here people, move along.&quot;
That's why it's &quot;caution&quot; tape right lol.
Nicely done!<br><br>Clearly you do not live in Canada as we are looking for ways to winterize our costumes..<br><br>Enjoy<br>
Would like to know what crime was committed at this scene.

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