Pair this simple cowl neck hood with a body suit and you have achieved a classic Lady Gaga look.   It is so easy to make and will only like you 5 minutes.

Use light weight fabric so it folds correctly.

Check here for instructions on how to make your own bodysuit.

Step 1: Inspiration

You can catch Lady Gaga on the red carpet or at an event sporting the cowl hood.
I used lycra as well, it folds weird and does bumps, and it doesnt stay on the head, great tutorial tho
Love this but it does now stay on the head :/
*sew, sorry. Silly predictive text...
These photos are fabulous! I don't see so I apologize if this is a silly question. Can this cowl be made to turn a regular shirt into a cowl neck?
What fabric did you use?
Lycra. Its stretchy and easy to sew!
cotton lycra blends will stay on your head better -- pure lycra is slippery.
I made a hood like this for my Gaga costume last year - another helpful thing to do if it's not staying on your head is to lightly stitch a headband underneath - then party on without worrying about it sliding around : )

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