Picture of Lady Gaga Cowl Hood
Pair this simple cowl neck hood with a body suit and you have achieved a classic Lady Gaga look.   It is so easy to make and will only like you 5 minutes.

Use light weight fabric so it folds correctly.

Check here for instructions on how to make your own bodysuit.

Step 1: Inspiration

Picture of Inspiration
You can catch Lady Gaga on the red carpet or at an event sporting the cowl hood.
anyu10 months ago
I used lycra as well, it folds weird and does bumps, and it doesnt stay on the head, great tutorial tho
anyu10 months ago
Love this but it does now stay on the head :/
*sew, sorry. Silly predictive text...
These photos are fabulous! I don't see so I apologize if this is a silly question. Can this cowl be made to turn a regular shirt into a cowl neck?
What fabric did you use?
Carleyy (author)  superMacaroni4 years ago
Lycra. Its stretchy and easy to sew!
cotton lycra blends will stay on your head better -- pure lycra is slippery.
the_gella4 years ago
I made a hood like this for my Gaga costume last year - another helpful thing to do if it's not staying on your head is to lightly stitch a headband underneath - then party on without worrying about it sliding around : )