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Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion” is out now - learn how to play it on piano with this tutorial!

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"Perfect Illusion" was released in September 2016 as the lead single from Lady Gaga's upcoming fifth studio album.

She wrote the song together with Mark Ronson, who was afterwards quoted: "It's been one of my favourite records to work on and some of the people who have come in to play on it are my favourite musicians, writers and some of her favourites."

Lady Gaga produced this single togethere with Mark Ronson, Kevin Parker (the singer of Tame Impala), and Blood Pop, who is also Justin Bieber’s producer.

In the song’s lyrics, she is singing about a love that seemed perfect, but was just an illusion. Here’s the chorus:

“It wasn't love, it wasn't love It was a perfect illusion (Perfect illusion) Mistaken for love, it wasn't love It was a perfect illusion (Perfect illusion) You were a perfect illusion”

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Of course, we also have tutorials for many other songs from movies and TV shows (from the Simpsons to Game of Thrones), as well as countless hits from classical music to modern pop - just follow the link on top to take a look!

We hope you will find this tutorial useful for learning the song! Make sure to check out the tutorial on our website (just follow the link at the top of this description) - you can choose between an easy version for beginners, and one that’s a bit more challenging (for more experienced players).

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Check out the full tutorial for “Perfect Illusion” on our website: http://bit.ly/2c4JjUb

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