Get the classic Lady Gaga look with this easy to make sculpture.  Wear one on your shoulder or across your body.  It is quick and easy costume to make and everyone will think you spent hours on it!

Check here to see how you can pair this look with a bodysuit.

Step 1: Gaining Inspiration

The body sculptures that Lady Gaga wears on her shoulders and around her waist are one of my favorite elements of her costumes.  She wears them with everything from a cute dress to a fitted body suit.
Your hogging the Front Page...Jkes! Good Job! I am guessing your a bit of a Lady Gaga fan? :D
I somehow got placed in the Lady Gaga model position. Can't say I'm not having fun!
It's probably because you have the wig. :D
I'm doing the black leather and gold origami dress for Halloween. I'm taking a totally different approach, and trying to make the sculpture pieces have as little seams as possible, and probably will be a lot of folding.<br><br>I'm definitely using your Instructables as backup pieces though. Body suits for the win. :D
You should make the &quot;raw meat dress&quot; haha
NICE CARLEY, your doing some great lady gaga stuff.
Thanks! Still more to come. I love Halloween!
Wow you guys have been busy!
OH YAH! And there are more Gaga costumes to come!
God help us all...<br> <br> Seriously great work but damn lady gaga has some messed up clothes...<br>
Dear god....

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